Avoka Wins Best of Show at Finovate’s FinDEVr


SAN FRANCISCO, October 3, 2014 — Avoka, the customer experience management company specializing in multi-channel engagement applications, has won Best of Show at the inaugural Finovate FinDEVr event for fintech developers. The award recognizes Avoka Transact, as a sophisticated digital engagement platform that delivers outstanding technology innovation to financial and banking organizations to drive digital sales and improve customer experience.

The FinDEVr Best of Show awards acknowledge the most entertaining and informative presentations, exciting new technologies and fascinating innovations that push the envelope of what is possible when commerce and science, and technology and finance come together. Avoka was one of four companies recognized by the 400 industry attendees for its keynote on Omni-Channel & Social Account Opening in 60 Seconds delivered by Derek Corcoran (Chief Experience Officer) & Howard Treisman (CTO). At the show, Avoka revealed Transact 4.1, its enhanced solution designed to elevate digital sales and service experiences for financial services and government organizations. The offering boasts new functionality including customer engagement applications, conversion optimization tools and a more agile solution that ultimately focuses on improving user experience in digital transactions to drive customer acquisition and sales conversion rates

“Financial and banking technology must continue to evolve to drive productivity, increase sales and create enhanced customer experiences,” said Eric Mattson, CEO at Finovate. “Finovate was created to share and showcase the best new innovations that will shape the future of financial and banking technology. We launched the FinDEVr conference this year to build on that success and recognize and celebrate standout companies that are building innovative enabling technologies to create the future of fintech. Avoka’s 60 second online account opening presentation at FinDEVr clearly resonated with the audience with the possibility of transforming the digital banking and sales experience.”

“Banking and financial customers want an agile, frictionless account opening experience that they can easily manage on any device. Avoka Transact delivers that experience through a sophisticated digital engagement platform that empowers financial organizations to launch digital sales applications that improve customer engagement and optimize conversion of banking products. We are honored to be acknowledged by Finovate and FinDEVr and recognized as a financial innovator for our development work on Avoka Transact and we remain committed to providing industry leading technology for digital sales and service transactions,” said Philip Copeland, CEO for Avoka.

About Avoka

Avoka transforms legacy paper, PDF & web forms into multi-channel engagement applications such as applying for credit cards, personal loans or government services that increase sales, drive customer acquisition and improve customer experience. Customers gain competitive advantage and embrace the movement to digital through responsive design, data collection and analysis, integration with systems of record and the business agility modern customers’ demand. Avoka delivers a proven track record with financial services and government organizations including more than 12 years managing digital sales and service transactions, over 16,000 sales and service transaction projects completed and upward of 100 million global business-critical customer transactions completed each year. Avoka has offices in Broomfield, CO and Manly, Australia. Visit us at http://www.avoka.com/.

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