The Avoka Transact™ Engagement Platform

Avoka Transact is an Engagement Platform for Multi-Channel Sales & Service Transactions. It modernizes your business and transforms your old paper and PDF forms into multi-channel engagement applications available anywhere, anytime, on any device. It is an agile platform that enables business users to create, deploy and manage complex multi-channel engagement applications in days. The Transact Platform connects and integrates the needs and goals on both sides of a transaction — an order, an application, a claim — for your business and your customers, as well as your mobile workers, line-of-business employees, and IT. The Avoka Transact Platform powers both Avoka TransactWeb and Avoka TransactField.

Responsive Forms

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Applications – Fast – Avoka TransactWeb™

Avoka TransactWeb delivers unmatched time-to-value for businesses by designing and deploying responsive  multi-channel transactions in days, not months or years. Business users and operations staff can directly design and publish complex data collection applications in days. Our “Click-to-Deploy” feature eliminates long release cycles typically seen in deploying multi-channel customer engagement applications. In just days, your paper and PDF-based forms turn into streamlined multi-channel engagement applications — transforming your entire business. It enables customer to commence a transaction – such as applying for a credit card – on their phone – pause the transaction and resume it later on their home computer of tablet at their convenience.

Complete Enterprise Solution

Avoka Transact is a powerful, enterprise-grade engagement platform that combines the ease of a consumer-grade design tools to produce responsive engagement applications –  with a powerful server that runs either in the cloud or on-premise in your DMZ. The Transaction Manager server (aggregation layer) includes features such as application management & versioning, transaction analytics and reporting,  built-in security support, integration with core business applications, dynamic data lookups, digital signatures and payment gateway integration. It utilizes a transient data store capturing XML application data that enables loose coupling with your systems of record – which is critical to providing business agility. Powerful API’s make it simple to integrate with existing BPM or Enterprise Service Bus integration services or directly with Systems of Record.

With Avoka Transact organizations can build sophisticated engagement or data collection applications that enhance the transaction experience for customers while satisfying the agility, compliance and security demands of IT.

System of Engagement

Empowering Mobile Workers – Avoka TransactField™

Make it easy for your mobile field workers to collect and submit — anywhere, anytime. Avoka TransactField empowers your mobile employees to complete tasks efficiently and quickly on their mobile device from any location. Replace paper-based and PDF form processes with Avoka Transact mobile forms and the simple and intuitive Avoka TransactField App. Transform your mobile workforce productivity, optimize on-site data entry, and increase field worker efficiency with Avoka Transact.

Deep Dive – Architecture, Modules & Feature details