Avoka Transact is a digital sales platform, best-in-class for security, reliability, and scalability, hosted in a private cloud service or on premise.

Transact Architecture

Avoka Transact is a digital transformation platform, purpose-built for the financial account opening experience. It can be hosted in a dedicated instance in the cloud or on premise in a customer’s data center. Avoka Transact incorporates three modules to Design, Manage, and Optimize the customer experience across channels without impacting back-end systems.

Maestro is the design tool of the Avoka platform. Using Maestro, business owners can design and modify their own forms and publish them with a click to Transact Manager.

Transact Manager, the center of the Avoka Transact platform, is a server application that hosts forms, controls interactions with customers, calls on specialized services like identity verification and risk analysis, and exchanges data with back-office systems of record. Acting similarly to a web content management system, Avoka Transact enables financial and government institutions to tailor their customer experience, without having to engineer new and complex IT infrastructures and integrations.

Insights, the newest module in the Avoka Transact platform, delivers fine-grained analytics for data-driven decisions. Business owners can utilize the insights from the detailed analytics to make changes to the form within Maestro and immediately publish a new version and measure results. The agility of the platform enables rapid iteration for continuous optimization.

Avoka also offers the Transact Integration Gateway (TIG) as one of several ways to securely transmit transaction data between back-end systems and Avoka Transact in the cloud. TIG can be placed on the customer premise to provide a secure link between Transact and the customer.

Avoka Process Paths
Avoka Systems of Engagment
System of Engagement

Avoka Transact creates an agile System of Engagement for customer interaction, separate from more complex Systems of Record already in place. By delivering a customer experience layer optimized for account opening and onboarding from Apply to Submit, Avoka empowers business owners to implement rapid customer-facing improvements without disrupting back-office systems. Avoka Transact comes complete with third-party service integration and the ability to deliver the format back-office systems require.

Business Agility

Avoka Transact is a fast to market system of continuous improvement at your control. By focusing on the customer-facing layer, business owners can design, implement, measure, and optimize rapidly to respond to market opportunities and introduce new products. With Transact in place, new products and forms can be added rapidly without integration and development projects each time.

Avoka IT Control
IT Control

Avoka Transact enables IT to control and manage the environment while enabling business users to create and manage their own transactions. Avoka has captured all of the technologies needed to manage an end-to-end digital sales transaction.

  • Advanced configurations to address encryption, access control, and multiple levels of fault tolerance
  • Automatic audits of system configuration changes
  • Information storage in a secure submission repository to provide operations information, virus scanning, and other services
  • High extensibility with 20 different extension points to configure transactions
  • APIs to enable back-end business processes to report on progress, tracked through a self-service portal
  • Pre-integrated FinTech services for rapid creation of the complete account opening process without integrating multiple separate vendors
  • Safeguards ensuring only tested and approved data collection apps are deployed into production
  • A wide variety of tools and reports to ensure the smooth operation of data collection apps

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