Digitize Your Field Workers. Boost Their Productivity.

With Avoka TransactField™ The Leading Enterprise-Grade Field Data Collection System

Avoka TransactField™ is the Field Worker Productivity Accelerator. It transforms paper forms into high-quality-data, fast-&-agile-to-maintain, feature-rich & compliance-supporting digital field transactions. Avoka TransactField™ helped Construction, Engineering, Mining & Services companies increase productivity by 73% on average last year – through reduced paper data entry, improved data quality and faster data delivery to back-end systems.


Pen and Paper Forms & Clipboards


Avoka TransactField™ & Digital Field SmartForms


KEY FEATURES: Avoka TransactField™ and Digital Field Transactions

Avoka TransactField Devices

Perfect for:

  • Timesheets
  • Incident Reports
  • Job Safety Assessments
  • Site Inspection Forms
  • Rig Inspections
  • And many other forms
No Paper Forms Digital Field SmartForms = 100% Digital Field Data Collection
No More inefficent, slow-to-process Paper Forms. Your field sales & mobile staff will move to Avoka TransactField's world of high-productivity Enterprise-class Digital Field SmartForms. All they need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Real Time Data Delivery Icon Real-Time Data Delivery to ERP, ECM & CRM Back-End Systems
Avoka TransactField™ enables real-time delivery of data captured via our Digital Field SmartForms to existing back-end ERP, CRM & ECM systems.

Fast & Agile to Maintain Icon Fast-&-Agile-to-Maintain, Feature-Rich Digital Field SmartForms
Drag & drop designer, enterprise-grade navigation, validation, business rules and error display, touch-friendly components. Geolocation Pictures. Signature capture. You names it; the Avoka TransactField™ Authoring Tool (called Composer) enables non-programmers to build feature-rich Digital Field SmartForms rapidly with no coding experience.

Works on Any Mobile Device Icon Works on Any Mobile Device: Desktops, Laptops & Smartphone
The Avoka TransactField™ App with Responsive Design to Multi-Device Support enables our mobile-optimized Digital Field SmartForms to run smoothly on all popular mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, and Windows) for smartphones, tablets and laptops, making it easy for your staff to access and fill-in their forms anywhere.

Works Online & Offline Icon Works Offline & Online for Maximized Flexibility & Convenience
The Avoka TransactField™ Form & Data Synchronization Engine enables Field Workers to fill-in and complete their Digital Field SmartForms offline, and automatically synchronize the completed transactions once they connect to the internet.

CASE STUDY: Thiess Construction

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Improved Field Productivity.
Better Project Management.

Thiess Delivers an ROI in
Just Three Months With Avoka TransactField™

Thiess is Australia’s leading construction, mining, and services contractor. Their large and diverse portfolio of work spans Australia’s urban and regional centers and extends to Indonesia and India. They deliver whole-of-life services, from initial design through to ongoing operations and facilities management.

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Avoka TransactField™:  Modules



Transact Composer Logo

Avoka Transact Composer is the electronic forms authoring environment within Avoka TransactField and Avoka TransactWeb. It gives organizations speed, agility, and flexibility to create powerful digital sales and service transactions for iOS, Android, and Windows desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Avoka Transaction Manager manages, monitors, secures, and controls Avoka TransactField and Avoka TransactWeb data collection applications. It acts as an intelligent hub, managing all aspects of the transaction experience with support for various methods of data capture, types of attachments, digital signatures, and payment gateways.


Avoka TransactField App is a container app available for Apple iPads, Android tablets, and Microsoft Windows devices. It synchronizes these mobile devices with all your digital field transactions so they can be worked on online of offline.