Why the World’s Top Banks are all Launching Their Own FinTech Innovation Hubs

At the end of October, CEO Yee Lee penned an article in response to the growing concern that startups pose to traditional financial institutions. While Lee wasn’t ready to declare the death of banking, the world’s top banks are taking note of these threats and addressing them in one very important way: massive investments in research and technology. In 2014, Accenture reported that banks lead…

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Browser Changes are the Last Straw for PDF forms, Migrate to HTML5 Before it’s Too Late

Introduction PDF technology has served us well for many years, and will continue to do so – as long as what we need is a document-of-record in a human-readable format. However, PDF forms have never worked on mobile devices, and now recent changes to desktop browsers mean that using PDF for electronic forms is simply no longer viable. In this blog, I’ll illustrate this latest development, as well as…

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The Allure of the “Mega-Form”

What is a “Mega-Form?” Many of our customers, when faced with challenge of moving to the digital world, come up with an approach to solving it which we call the “Mega-Form.” From an architectural standpoint, the mega-form seems like a great idea. The basic concept is: Instead of creating multiple digital forms which mirror the existing paper forms, let’s just create one big digital experience…

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The Future of Banking

Over seven years after smart phones and social networks began to revolutionize the relationship between buyers and sellers, companies of all sizes and types now realize that they need to fundamentally rethink how they attract, serve, and retain customers. However, this awareness hasn't necessarily led to meaningful change. Tim Walters of the Digital Clarity Group has written an insightful brief on how banks can keep up...

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Customer Journey and the Future of Banking

by Tim Walters, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group “It is fair to say that getting digital banking right is a do-or-die challenge.” This blunt conclusion from McKinsey’s June 2014 report is borne out by the numbers. In fact, the banking industry’s reputation is particularly dire among millennials – precisely the customer group that expect the most from digital engagement, and on which the...

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