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2016_Principles of a Great Customer Experience

Principles of a Great Customer Experience

Avoka believes that the key to effective customer acquisition in financial services lies in delivering a frictionless experience. In other words – make it easy! Recent research from CEB ( which resulted in the book The Effortless Experience has highlighted that...

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Trends To Watch 2016

FinTech Trends to Watch in 2016

After another strong jobs report for November, among other leading economic indicators, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 0.25% in December. This trend is expected to continue through 2016, with estimates of short-term rates rising to between 0.75% and 1% by this time next...

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Key-Takeaways 2015

5 Key Takeaways from the “Customer Journey” Webinar

In our recent webinar with Jim Marous (Publisher of the Digital Banking Report), we discussed ways in which banks and financial institutions can improve their customer experiences to drive more financial sales. Here are the 5 key takeaways from the webinar: 50% of Checking Accounts Are Opened...

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Top 5 Wrap Up 2015

Top 5 FinTech Trends of 2015 — Finovate Wrap-Up

With FinDEVr done, it wraps up another year of great Finovate conferences! And looking at the winners from Europe, Spring, Fall, we see the following trends regarding where Fintech companies are investing and what resonated most with the banking audience. In addition to Avoka winning Best-in-Show...

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Why the World’s Top Banks are all Launching Their Own Innovation Hubs

At the end of October, CEO Yee Lee penned an article in response to the growing concern that startups pose to traditional financial institutions. While Lee wasn’t ready to declare the death of banking, the world’s top banks are taking note of these threats and addressing them in one very...

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PDF Forms are Obsolete — It’s Time to Migrate to HTML5

Introduction PDF technology has served us well for many years, and will continue to do so - as long as what we need is a document-of-record in a human-readable format. However, PDF forms have never worked on mobile devices, and now recent changes to desktop browsers mean that using PDF...

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The Allure of the “Mega-Form”

What is a “Mega-Form?” Many of our customers, when faced with challenge of moving to the digital world, come up with an approach to solving it which we call the “Mega-Form.” From an architectural standpoint, the mega-form seems like a great idea. The basic concept is: Instead of...

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The Future of Banking

Over seven years after smart phones and social networks began to revolutionize the relationship between buyers and sellers, companies of all sizes and types now realize that they need to fundamentally rethink how they attract, serve, and retain customers. However, this awareness hasn't necessarily...

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Customer Journey and the Future of Banking

“It is fair to say that getting digital banking right is a do-or-die challenge.” This blunt conclusion from McKinsey’s June 2014 report is borne out by the numbers. In fact, the banking industry’s reputation is particularly dire among millennials – precisely the customer group that...

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Omni-Channel Account Opening

Avoka was recently involved in a project with a non-bank lender to improve their Personal Loan application experience. They didn’t touch the loan approval process at all, but instead focused on making incremental changes to the customer experience and the results were staggering. The non-bank...

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