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account opening small businesses

Banks Have Big Opportunity to Improve Account Opening for Small Businesses

Only a quarter of business banking products can be opened digitally online, and less than 1 in 10 can be completed from a mobile device according to recent research from Avoka. Avoka’s 2017 State of Digital Sales in Banking Report highlights that small business account opening from mobiles lags...

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banking customer experience

How Digital is Transforming Banking Customer Experience (CX)

I had an interesting conversation recently that circled around the question: “Could finding new banking services be more like shopping at Amazon?" For example, why can't we compare products easily, add them to a shopping cart, and click a big "Buy" button like we can for just about every other...

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fintech trends

6 FinTech Trends That Are Disrupting Traditional Banking

Last month, EY released their 2017 FinTech Adoption Index, providing incredible insight into the top FinTech trends of 2017. FinTech Adoption Has Grown from 16% to 33% Since 2015 In the past 2 years, the world has experienced a dramatic increase in FinTech adoption, especially in emerging markets...

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bank platformification customer service

For Banks, Platformification and Customer Service are Key to Survival

This week, we’re proud to be sponsoring the BBA Annual Retail Banking Conference in London when Avoka’s Cliff Van Tonder will be speaking on one of the biggest trends in banking: “platformification.” Bank platformification is gaining traction due primarily to the encroachment of Fintech...

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2017 Awards & Recognition

The banking industry continues to become more digital and more personal, and Avoka is leading the effort to enable better customer acquisition and onboarding experiences. We are proud our work has been widely recognized, as evidenced by the numerous awards we’ve won over the past year recognizing...

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bank platformification

Why “Platformification” is the Biggest Banking Trend of 2017

Last month, we hosted Ron Shevlin from Gonzo Banker for a webinar on the biggest trend he’s seeing in banking: Platformification. His findings and predictions have now been summarized into a new whitepaper, which you can download for free. In this blog, we highlight the key areas of this new...

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Avoka Wins at the 2017 FinTech Australia Finnie Awards

We are excited to announce that Avoka was recognised as winner of the Excellence in Establishing Market Presence: Global category at the inaugural Fintech Australia Finnie Awards in Sydney at Madam Tussauds in Sydney on Wednesday 24 May. The FinTech Australia Finnie Awards recognise innovative...

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Announcing Transact Manager 5.1 and Maestro 5.1

Avoka Transact is our digital transformation platform, purpose-built for the financial account opening and onboarding experience. Avoka Transact incorporates three modules to Design, Manage, and Optimize the customer experience across channels without impacting back-end systems. We...

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