Customer Journeys and the Future of Banking

by Tim Walters, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group “It is fair to say that getting digital banking right is a do-or-die challenge.” This blunt conclusion from McKinsey’s June 2014 report is borne out by the numbers. In fact, the banking industry’s reputation is particularly dire among millennials – precisely the customer group that expect the most from digital engagement, and on which the...

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The Future of Banking

Over seven years after smart phones and social networks began to revolutionize the relationship between buyers and sellers, companies of all sizes and types now realize that they need to fundamentally rethink how they attract, serve, and retain customers. However, this awareness hasn't necessarily led to meaningful change. Tim Walters of the Digital Clarity Group has written an insightful brief on how banks can keep up...

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6 Tips for Increased FSI Sales on Mobile

OVERVIEW Avoka has worked with banks, wealth management, and insurance companies improving the multi-channel customer experience for sales and service transactions. We’ve seen one client increase conversion rates for Loan Applications by 43% in just 5 weeks. Here are our Top 6 Tips for increasing FSI sales conversions. TEST & LEARN Do not try to design the perfect customer experience. Get something in market as…

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Understanding Millennials — Yes, It Can Be Done

Entitled, lazy, unappreciative,… the list of adjectives to describe millennials (or those born 1981 to 2000) by Boomers and Gen X goes on and on. And it’s not the most positive list of adjectives. But, the thing is, they are the largest generational group in US history at 84 million (40% larger than Gen X) and representing 39% of the US workforce today. Well, as…

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Tools to “keep your finger on the pulse” of the FinTech world

In a recent speaking engagement I said part of my role as CXO was “keeping my finger on the pulse of the rapidly changing FinTech world”…I qualified the statement by saying it was “hard”…like drinking from the fire hydrant. Over the last 12 months I’ve trialed a lot of services and some have ‘stuck’. This is my list of the best sources – would love…

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