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Last week at a financial analyst briefing in New York Adobe announced that they are “doubling down” their focus on the Digital Marketing sector. With the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite – powered by Omniture and Web Experience Management solution – powered by Day CQ, Adobe have established market leadership in this sector and it makes a huge amount of sense to leverage this strategic advantage and capitalize on their leadership in this fast growing sector.

At Avoka we focus on helping organisations transact online with their customers, partners or employees – we refer to these types of system as Digital Self-Service. Typically these solutions sit behind and support the online marketing initiatives – so we see a bright future with Adobe “doubling down” on Digital Marketing that will inevitably lead to a substantial increase in online self-service.

Most of our customers sell products or services that don’t easily fit in a “shopping cart” ecommerce model. These customers require a medium to complex data capture form/app (or package of forms) for their customers to apply for the particular product/service. In addition they require a full range of application management services to enable business/operational staff to deploy and manage these solutions – as often they may have hundreds or in some cases thousands of these small apps that need to be deployed. They also require agile business processes behind the scenes to streamline their workflow and integrate with their backend systems.  Examples of these more complex business transactions include:

  • Life insurance applications
  • Home loan applications
  • Hospital admissions forms
  • Government grant submissions
  • Tax and other regulatory forms
  • Insurance claims
  • University enrolments
  • Selling complex Telecommunications products
  • And many others

In the past few years – mainly influenced by Apples introduction of the iPad & iPhone – we’ve experienced dramatic changes to the computing landscape.  Today customers demand that we implement solutions that can run across mobile devices as well as conventional desktop devices. This year at Avoka we invested heavily in our SmartForm Factory solution to support HTML & HTML5 based e-forms in addition to the Adobe PDF Forms that we have worked with for several years.

During this time we’ve also invested to integrate SmartForm Factory with Adobe’s Digital Marketing solutions. SmartForm Factory still continues to leverage modules of Adobe’s Digital Enterprise Platform (LiveCycle ES) such as Digital Signatures, Forms and Output – as required.

This allows us to offer a sophisticated Digital Self-Service enablement solution that can bring complex paper transactions into the digital age. SmartForm Factory uniquely meets today’s challenges of constrained IT resources, the move to mobile devices, and the need to deliver engaging user experiences that drive business results.

At Avoka we think that Doubling down on Digital Marketing leads to a bright future for all things Digital!

Phil Copeland

CEO – Avoka


PS – There was some wildly inaccurate reporting last week about the demise of Flash on mobile devices.

What Adobe announced was

  1. We are focusing work around the Flash Platform on:
    • Mobile Applications created with Adobe AIR.
    • Expressive content (particularly games and video) in the browser on the desktop via the Flash Player.
  2. We are no longer going to be actively developing the Flash Player for Mobile Browsers.
  3. We are further increasing the amount of resources (both money and engineer) toward HTML5 tools, solutions and browsers.

Point #1 is important. If you need to build a sophisticated cross-device app – Adobe AIR will continue to be enhanced to support that capability.

Mike Chambers has put together a very good blog post that’s worth a read. Clarifications on Flash Player for Mobile Browsers, the Flash Platform, and the Future of Flash

Philip Copeland
Philip Copeland

As CEO and co-founder of Avoka, Phil is responsible for the company’s business strategy and worldwide operations.

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