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Avoka Transact for Field Services

Mobile devices are revolutionizing field service industries for audits, inspections, customer service, reporting, etc. With the power to collect information ‘in the field’, the delays and errors associated with paper form processing can be eliminated. Avoka Transact for Field Services addresses the data capture needs of organizations that require online / offline completion, varied forms that may change frequently, security, reliability, and integration with core ERP, CRM, etc., systems. Many of our Avoka Transact for Field Services clients turn to us after discovering the limitations of eForms or online form solutions in the various app stores. Find out why…

What Avoka Can Do For You…

Boring error-prone paper forms are being replaced with engaging data collection applications built on Avoka Transact in industries as varied as engineering to healthcare, energy to rail, real estate to law enforcement. Avoka Transact for Field Services is helping organizations turn mobile devices into powerful and secure data collection tools.

Powerful Data Collection that Leverages Your Device

Collect information on iOS, Android, or Windows devices using the keyboard, stylus, voice recognition, camera, and GPS – from a single data collection app built without programming.

Online/Offline Use with Secure Synchronization

Enjoy the flexibility to deploy in the cloud or on-premise and allow your staff to collect data online or offline with secure reliable synchronization to the server and then to your ERP, CRM, ECM etc. systems.

Code-Free App Creation Deployed to a Container App

Create powerful and complex data collection apps in hours without programming and deploy in to the Avoka TransactField App – a container app that supports Avoka Transact ‘click-to-deploy’ through an automatic server synchronization – no app update.

Management Reporting and Dashboards for Real-Time Visibility

Schedule tasks for mobile staff and then monitor progress and the data collected through central reports and dashboards. Use pre-built dashboards or create your own custom views of the data.

How it Works…

Avoka Transact for Field Industries is a complete enterprise grade solution for the creation, deployment, maintenance, and optimization of multi-channel sales and service transactions in the field.

DESIGN in Avoka Transact Composer

Avoka Transact Composer is a powerful design environment that allows people without programming skills to create data collection apps in hours that run in the TransactField App. These can be inspections, audits, customer on-boarding, reports etc.

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DEPLOY in Avoka Transaction Manager. Use in Avoka TransactField App

Transaction Manager manages all your data collection apps created in Composer with the security, reliability, scalability and integration required.
The Avoka TransactFiel App acts as a container for accessing, completing and submitting data collection apps online/offline.

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INTEGRATE with Avoka Transact Integration Agent or XML/PDF Integration

Avoka Transact for Field Services can be easily integrated with your existing ERP, CRM, BPM and ESP systems through standard technologies such as XML, APIs, REST, and more.

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MANAGE with Transaction Analytics and Dashboards

Avoka Transact for Field Services gives you the data, reporting and dashboards to manage the distribution of work to mobile teams and have real-time visibility of data collected ‘in the field’.

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Field Service Case Studies

Thiess Construction

Thiess, Australia’s leading construction, mining, and services contractor, now monitors and tracks timesheets and delivers real-time project data from the field using Avoka Transact.

Pharma Reps go All Digital

Multi-national pharmaceutical company with an extensive sales force delivers in-the-field flexibility to more than 10,000 staff who directly call on physicians and other clinicians.

Commercial Property Inspections

A global commercial property management company ensured the quality and detail of their property inspections was captured offline and online with an all digital experience.