Avoka Transact™
Integration Gateway

Avoka Transact includes an Integration Gateway which enables the delivery of transaction data in a secure and reliable way in to back-end systems that are not located within the same hosting location as Avoka Transact Manager.

Push or Pull Architecture

Payloads can be pushed from Transaction Manager or alternately the Integration Gateway can be configured to periodically “pull” the submission data from the server. The advantage of the pull approach is that normally no firewall changes are necessary. Under the covers Integration Gateway uses standard Transact Manager web service APIs to synchronize this data. These APIs can also be called from custom applications if needed.

Secure Delivery

The payload data is encrypted during the delivery process. The delivery communications can occur over a variety of transport mechanisms include HTTPS, VPN, or a private ESB.

Store and Forward

The Integration Gateway uses a reliable store and forward internal architecture to provide a robust delivery service.

Pluggable Integration

Custom adaptors can be easily created to enable integration with back-end systems.

Avoka Transact can manage sales and service transactions on behalf of multiple organizations – it’s a multi-tenanted system. This enables the system to be deployed to address a number of business problems, for example:

  • For a large corporation that has an extensive partner or reseller network (for example a car manufacturer with its dealer network or an insurance company with a broker network) it means that forms can be hosted and the submissions processed centrally – but the payload data can be distributed to each of the individual partner organizations. (The white labelling feature of Avoka Transact even enables branding or co-branding data to be injected as required).
  • For a government with multiple departments or agencies they can establish a shared service centralized hosting facility and use the Integration Agent to deliver the transaction payload data to each department or agency in a reliable fashion.
Avoka Transact Platform Integration Agent