Avoka Transact® Integration Gateway

The Transact Integration Gateway is a lightweight, easy to install and configure gateway for on premise business integration.

Delivery Integration

The optional Transact Integration Gateway (TIG) enables the secure, reliable delivery of transaction data to back-office systems not located within the same hosting location as Avoka Transact Manager. Designed for fast and easy installation and configuration, it is located on premise within a DMZ or secure location. Once installed, businesses can perform transaction data delivery within minutes. The TIG can also be installed on servers in different availability zones to support high availability models.

Push or Pull Architecture

As a Service API Gateway, the TIG enables cloud Transact Manager servers to make real-time API calls to internal back-office systems for operations such as security checks, straight-through processing, prefill, and dynamic data calls. The advantage of the pull approach is that often no firewall changes are necessary. The TIG uses standard Transact Manager web service APIs to synchronize this data. These APIs can also be called from custom applications if needed.

Alternatively, the TIG can be used for uploading reference data from back-office systems into Transact Manager cloud servers. The data can then be used for form prefill or form dynamic data.


All payload data is encrypted during the delivery process. The delivery communications can occur over a variety of transport mechanisms including HTTPS, VPN, or a private ESB. When using the TIG as a Service API Gateway, access to internal systems can be strictly controlled and no internal network information is exposed externally. For reference data uploading, there is no requirement for the TIG to be externally accessible.

Avoka Security

Businesses often have unique integration requirements for processes such as data validations, dynamic data look ups, or background transaction delivery. The TIG enables businesses to quickly perform these types of integrations without additional software licenses. Custom adaptors can also be easily created to enable integration with back-end systems.

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