Avoka Transact™ Maestro

Maestro is the newest generation Transact design tool, simplifying the creation of sophisticated digital sales applications for customer acquisition. It is designed from the ground up to design, build, and tailor your digital customer acquisition experience quickly and efficiently.

Maestro Demo

Maestro makes digital banking transformation easier than ever with tailored digital customer acquisition experiences for bank customer onboarding. Check out our demo to see it in action!


Maestro is a full WYSIWYG experience. The responsive layout enables you to view exactly how your design will look as you build.

Access an array of pre-built design features from the Palette that can easily be dragged and dropped into the form. Save time with available common fields such as contact and identity information, navigation bars, form headers and footers, and signature pads.

The properties can then be customized to fit your business and design needs.


Want to see how your design will look on a particular device or screen size?

Simply hit the Preview button at any time in the design process. Choose a device from the drop down and rotate for instant design preview in both portrait and landscape or on small, medium, large, and full-screen sizes.

You can even preview PDF and HTML receipts for customers or back office processes. Launch forms to production just as quickly. With just the touch of the Publish button, forms are pushed live.


Maestro provides the full power of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript enabling beautiful and sophisticated styling to fit any need.

With the ability to re-use styles and templates, any employee can create brand approved forms quickly and easily, with no coding required.


Maestro is architected for powerful productivity, agility, and speed.

Large and complex forms can be built without encountering performance issues and business rules are simple to build in.

Save time with features such as drag and drop fields and buttons.  A comprehensive undo, redo, and history of edits capability makes it easier and safer to make changes.

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