Mobile Forms

Online Forms in Days

Powerful enterprise-level mobile forms

Make it easy and convenient to do business with you anywhere, anytime, on any device. Avoka Transact mobile SmartForms replaces paper-based and PDF form processes with powerful enterprise-level mobile forms.

Avoka mobile SmartForms have been optimized to deliver online transactions and work on smartphones, tablets, or desktop browsers — including Apple iPads and Android devices.

Mobile SmartForms for Cross-Channel Transactions

From opening a new account to applying for a loan, from filling in secure forms to enrolling in a university class – your customers want the flexibility to start, pause, and stop the process easily based on their schedule and device. Mobile SmartForms let your customers start their business transaction on their smartphone, save it, and complete it later on a tablet or desktop computer. Learn more about Avoka TransactWeb.

Mobile SmartForms for Remote Workers

Mobile Forms for remote workers make daily work tasks more efficient: Capture data electronically in the field and leverage mobile features to deliver the full data story. Take photos — a damaged vehicle, a patient’s injury, a driver’s license, or a passport — and attach them directly to the form. Or sign important documents on the spot. Avoka TransactField Digital Field SmartForms also work offline — data are saved to the device and automatically uploaded when online. Empower your mobile employees to complete tasks efficiently and quickly on any device from any location with Avoka’s Mobile Field Worker solution.

Mobile Forms:  Power and Flexibility