Award Winning Presentation:
90-Second Credit Card Opening

Competing on price, product, or service alone is simply no longer enough. Customer experience is the critical differentiating factor for financial institutions.  Each additional step in the application process results in higher abandonment and fewer converted customers.

Watch our Best of Show demo at FinovateSpring 2015 and see how we’re able to increase conversion rate from 36% to 51% in just four weeks by focusing on delivering a frictionless customer experience.

Product Overview

Avoka Transact is a digital business platform that increases agility and creates customer-centric digital transformation.

Avoka Transact for
Retail Banking

Streamline the transformation to digital and mobile customer acquisition that drive account openings and revenue.

Avoka Transact for

Accelerate government digital transformation for citizens using state, local and federal government services.

Avoka Transact for

Integrate frictionless digital account opening, onboarding forms and service transactions into the ecosystem.

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News Archive

Financial Services
Beyond Bank

With the growing adoption of mobile devices, experiences need to be mobile responsive.

BT Financial Group

Simplified form-filling processes for on-boarding new customers, as well as achievement in significant back-office efficiencies.

Business Account Opening

Small businesses now can open accounts for five essential products in under 15 minutes.

Credit Card Applications

Deliver an omni-channel card origination solution through Avoka Transact™.

Concierge Assisted Banking

Leveraging the agility of Avoka Transact™, banks are rapidly replacing paper forms with the convenience of the digital channels.

Digital Account Opening

Improve the speed and agility of enhancements and full deployments.

Home Loan Applications

Avoka Transact™ made this possible to integrate multiple solutions in to a single omni-channel origination experience, in 8 days.

Millennium Trust Company

Now more customers find it easier and faster to complete forms online and the data is routed automatically to back-end systems, already validated.

Personal Loan Applications

This project resulted in millions of dollars of additional loan bookings every month.

Wealth Management Onboarding

Wealth management on-boarding made digital means reaching more people faster, and ultimately on-boarding more customers.

Small Business

Small businesses can be highly profitable to insure if the underwriting process is efficient.


Happier customers, faster claim settlement, and the digitization of more paper forms.

Admiral Insurance Company

Avoka Transact™ provides the right balance between the productivity of a product and the flexibility of a custom-developed solution.

Income Protection Claims

Create a solution which is intuitive and efficient for all parties involved and ensures the timely continued payment of benefits to valid claimants.

Overland Solutions Inc.

Fundamentally change the transaction between field staff and back office.

Access Canberra

Avoka Transact™ allows Access Canberra to offer citizens a consistently-branded experience across all their channels.


With over 200 field-based staff performing inspections of signals and rail installations, this agency needed a mobile data collection solution that was enterprise-grade.

Australian Government

A simplified and powerful transaction experience has provided such benefits as less rework and therefore reduced costs in resourcing.

City of

Paper forms and processes are inherently error prone and inefficient, creating a bad user experience both internally and externally.

Civil Aviation

Using Avoka Transact™ integrated with automated online payments CAA was able to process £0.5 million worth of transactions automatically.

Environmental Protection

Using Avoka Transact™ and the Avoka TransactField™ App is creating significant savings in staff time and effort to perform their core business.

New South Wales

A new Legal eServices Solution based on Avoka Transact™ for Government allows registered users to submit and view their case information online.

Northern Territory Government

Use Avoka Transact™ to create, deploy and manage enterprise applications with ease.


Each trained member of staff is now digitizing paper forms at 1 or 2 per day, without programming.

Field Services

Due to the decrease of errors found in data captured out at sites staff back in the office can use the information captured in the field to do more effective business,

Property Inspection

Inspections require that the inspector be capable of working offline, have access to previous inspection data and be able to collect large amounts of information.

Pharma Reps Go All Digital

An entire transaction now takes less than five minutes – a faster, more effective and cost-efficient solution.

Thiess Construction

Thanks to the Avoka TransactField™ App, Thiess started collecting data within three months of selecting the Avoka Transact™ Platform.

Additional Case Studies

Avoka Transact™ give the students the convenience they crave and can be accessed online, even on mobile device.


90% improvement in time-to-market through faster cycle times.


Thanks to Avoka Transact™, Dynasec went to market after three months with a new mobile certification solution.

Millennium Trust Improves
Processing Times

Hear how Millennium Trust delivers an automated omni-channel rollover solution.

Citi Mobile Challenge
Top Innovator

The Avoka Transact solution was awarded Most Innovative Customer Engagement Solution.

FinovateSpring 2015:
90-Second Application

Watch what a 90-second credit card opening can do for your digital business.

FinovateEurope 2015:
3 Minute Loan Application

Avoka was awarded Best of Show for the Three-Minute Loan Application – Fastest Onboarding Experience in the World.

FinovateFall 2015:
Avoka Transact Bundles

Best of Show demonstration recognizes Avoka Transact™, as a sophisticated digital engagement platform.

CXBI Sydney 2014:
Agile Digital Transformation

The importance of analytics in refining the omni-channel customer experience.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Applications can be easily configured to create engaging customer experiences.

FinovateSpring 2014:
Avoka TransactWeb™

See CEO Philip Copeland take to the stage and demonstrate cutting edge technology – Avoka TransactWeb™.

FinovateEurope 2014:
Omni-Channel 2.0

Watch how Avoka TransactWeb™ can deliver a seamless omni-channel experience.


Westpac Insurance digitized customer claims for convenient mobile access in time of disaster.

NSW iAwards 2013:
New Product Winner

Hear how organizations are able to create, deploy and manage an omni-channel digital customer experience.

White Papers
Driving Revenue through Reduced Customer Effort

Learn how the Transaction Effort Score can quantify the friction in your ‘Apply Now’ transactions in order to increase acquisition rates and revenue.

Optimizing High-Value Customer Journeys

Get insightful tips from Tim Walters at the Digital Clarity Group on how banks can keep up by focusing on high-value customer journeys.

Responsive Design Principles for Forms

Learn the 8 best practices in designing responsive forms that will increase conversion rates and decrease abandonment.

Mobile App Development
Strategy Checklist

Define your mobile app development strategy with a fast 5-point checklist.

Mobile Engagement & Data Collection for Enterprise

Accelerate your mobile data collection strategy with 16 best practices for developing a multi-faceted mobile engagement and data collection solution.

The Omni-Channel Revolution

Understand why adopting a customer engagement management solution that uses a multi-channel digital business platform is critical to business success.


London, February 9-10, 2016


New York, March 29-30, 2016


San Jose, May 10-11, 2016

The Financial Brand Forum

Las Vegas, May 16-18, 2016


New York, September 8-9, 2016

AFP Annual Conference 2016

Orlando, October 23-26, 2016

Customer Journey Drives
Financial Sales

Drive customer acquisition and increase with actionable steps for digital channel success.

Solving the “Buy”
Problem for Financial Services

Hear Forrester Research’s viewpoint on ways to increase digital conversions for your financial products.

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See how Avoka Transact can help you create a frictionless customer experience each and every time.

With Avoka Transact, you’ll be able to:

  • Launch Faster: Get your forms live in weeks, not months or years.
  • Save & Resume: Reduce abandonment by creating an omni-channel solution.
  • Delight Customers: Give the simplified experience customers demand.

Complete the form and schedule a time with an Avoka Transact Specialist today!

Request a Demo

See how Avoka Transact can help you create a frictionless customer experience each and every time.

With Avoka Transact, you’ll be able to:

  • Launch Faster: Get your forms live in weeks, not months or years.
  • Save & Resume: Reduce abandonment by creating an omni-channel solution.
  • Delight Customers: Give the simplified experience customers demand.

Complete the form and schedule a time with an Avoka Transact Specialist today!