Avoka Wins Two 2016 XCelent Awards

Global research and  consulting firm Celent evaluated banking Omnichannel Customer Acquisition vendors and identified the leaders based on functionality, technology, and service. In September 2016, Celent awarded Avoka the 2016 XCelent Award for Breadth of Functionality and the 2016 XCelent Award for Service.


Download this complementary excerpt from the Celent report to learn more.

White Papers
2016 XCelent

Celent evaluated banking Omnichannel Customer Acquisition vendors, and identified Avoka as a leader with two XCelent awards.

2016 State of Digital Sales
in Banking

Avoka engaged a researcher to measure the digital sales readiness of the largest banks in the world.

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Learn how the Transaction Effort Score can quantify the friction in your ‘Apply Now’ transactions in order to increase acquisition rates and revenue.

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The Omni-Channel Banking Revolution

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Optimizing High-Value Customer Journeys

Get insightful tips from Tim Walters at the Digital Clarity Group on how banks can keep up by focusing on high-value customer journeys.

Mobile Account Opening – Adjusting to a New Normal

Mercator Advisory Group’s research report reviews the trends driving consumer demand and FIs’ interest in mobile account opening.