Avoka Transact for Retail Banking

Avoka Transact for Retail Banking accelerates the transformation to digital and mobile customer acquisition, accelerating speed-to-market and improving conversion rates across channels to drive account openings and revenue.

Solution Benefits
Omni-Channel Sales

Capture customers across mobile, online, branch and call center with a single responsive design.

Acquire Customers

Capture more customer conversions and reduce abandonment on deposit account openings, card and loan applications.


Transact brings a customer-centric user experience live in weeks or months, not years, without changing core systems.

Save & Resume

  • Save and Resume is the feature that enables critical omni-channel capability by integrating digital, branch and call center channels.
  • Begin a bank account opening transaction on a phone, save it, and complete it in-branch with help from a banker.
  • Push a loan application to a customer’s phone, get them started, and they can complete it on their PC.
  • Once initial contact data is captured, abandoned applications can be contacted by the bank call center. Avoka banks experience a 40% recovery when contacting and resuming applications.

Mobile Responsive

  • Avoka mobile responsive account opening and onboarding applications adapt to the size of a phone, tablet or PC without creating separate versions for each.
  • Avoid frustrating and failed end user experiences when inputs and options do not fit the mobile screen.
  • Menus and lists automatically shift design and change from horizontal to vertical based on available screen size.
  • Avoka design tools instantly preview a form as it will appear on specific phones, tablets or PC.
Application Bundling

  • Bundling is the packaging of multiple forms into a single submitted package, making it easier for your customers to complete and easier for you to process.
  • Capture basic information once, then automatically populate multiple application forms needed for different internal silos and compliance docs.  No more filling out name and address 5 times.
  • Cross Selling improves dramatically by giving multiple product choices, then automatically generating separate applications for each product chosen.
  • An entire package of documents is submitted together to the existing business process, eliminating need for back office changes.

ApplicationBundling_EmpireBank_650 - optimized
Style Flexibility

  • Match the branding and style of your website in the digital sale transaction with no compromises.
  • A sophisticated brand requires more than a logo on a generic application. Avoka creates an account opening user experience perfectly matched to the style, brand and personality of your bank.
  • Pixel-perfect renditions of online and printed results can match your style guidelines.
  • Style templates make it easy for all designers to use an approved design for every user experience, with no coding required.

Start your customer-centric digital transformation today!

Improve your business agility, capture the market opportunity and increase customer acquisition now, with digital account opening, loan applications and onboarding from Avoka.

Customer Success

Our core competency is banking and we’re learning very quickly that the best part of innovating is about having the right partnerships. We found that working with Avoka was more effective than anything we had tried internally.


– Linda Duncombe, CitiBank

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