Avoka Transact for Salesforce

Avoka Transact for Salesforce integrates frictionless digital and mobile account opening, onboarding forms and service transactions into the Salesforce.com® ecosystem and Salesforce forms.

Solution Benefits
Direct to Salesforce

Capture form input from mobile and desktop devices directly into Salesforce forms, allowing rapid customer response and real-time awareness of customer actions.

Drive Customer Activity

Increase customer acquisition by pushing pre-filled, mobile responsive forms to customers directly from Salesforce.

Build on Your Investment

Leverage existing Salesforce processes and system of record, using award winning Avoka Transact as the system of engagement, integrated off-the-shelf and certified by Salesforce.

  • Push links to pre-filled forms to prospects, using data already in Salesforce.
  • Monitor forms in-flight, to watch and interact with customers during their sign-up process.
  • Flow form data directly into Salesforce from mobile and desktop.
  • Capture completed PDF forms as receipts in Salesforce and emailed to customers.
  • Mobile responsive to capture customer input on phone, tablet and desktop directly into Salesforce.

Add Mobile Responsive Forms to Your Salesforce.com

Avoka Transact for Salesforce integrates frictionless digital account opening, onboarding forms and service transactions into the Salesforce.com ecosystem. It creates forms for Salesforce reliant businesses to seamlessly offer engaging, mobile-responsive customer engagement.

Transact delivers an optimized customer experience to reduce abandonment. Social media pre-fill and integration with identity, imaging and signature providers reduces required customer input. Rapid release, test and iterate capabilities improve business agility. Built-in analytics identify abandonment hotspots.

For financial services, government and field service organizations whose customer records are built around Salesforce, Avoka is an off-the-shelf solution to extend account applications, onboarding forms, and service input out to customers across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Customer Success

Superior customer experience is an obsession for Ebury, giving our Salesforce-based sales and operations teams complete visibility of the transactions executed through the Avoka system within the context of an individual customer is part of being able to delight our customers.


– Dr. Toby Young, CTO; Ebury, London

Example Use Cases

Email credit card offers that open a form pre-filled with name and address from Salesforce record.

Capture multiple onboarding documents as they are completed and attach directly to your customer record in Salesforce.

Distribute customer service forms pre-filled with product details and record the completed data directly in Salesforce.