Avoka Support

The Avoka Transact™ Platform plays a critical role in your ability to deliver a great customer experience – and a key factor in its performance is support. Effective support ensures system updates, and provides access to the latest product innovations enabling you to realize the continued benefits of your solution.


Operational efficiency is increased, and your investment is protected over the long term.

Need Help?

Visit our community pages to read documentation, ask questions, enter support tickets, and more.

Avoka Support Options

Avoka Product Support

Raise a product bug or access the documentation and other online resources. All Avoka product subscriptions include access to Avoka Product Support. Product support provides access to our forums, product documentation, and the ability to raise a product issue with our support team.

Application Support

For organizations that require round the clock assistance to support defined Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). Avoka can provide installation assistance, defined response times, and after hours support.  Application Support packages can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Avoka Assist

Avoka Assist provides access to our product experts and practice leaders. You can drop us an email, arrange for a phone call or schedule an online meeting session to get help with specific problems, design issues or advice on development best practices. Our experts often know the answers to problems that might take you hours or even days to work out by yourself.


How can I access Avoka Assist?

You can raise an issue by logging into the Avoka Customer Center or sending an email to Avoka’s Customer Center. We will  solve your issue by email, however, a call can be arranged with a consultant if required.

Do I need Avoka Assist if I have product maintenance and support?

Product maintenance and support provides bug reporting and upgrades for your software. If you need help on building a form or understanding why the process you’ve developed works in a particular way, then these questions are not covered by product maintenance and support. This is where Avoka Assist or Avoka Application Support comes in.

What does it cost?

Contact Avoka’s Customer Center for pricing information. For a summary of your balance, please visit the Avoka support portal.