Transact 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Transact 5
  • What are the important new features in Transact 5?
    Transact 5.0 includes Transact Maestro, a completely new design tool that speeds and simplifies form creation; Transact Insights, an analytics capability that reduces abandonment and increases agility; and Transact Manager 5.0, which includes the new Transact Fluent SDK as well as performance and security enhancements for Transact Manager.
  • How do I arrange an upgrade of my Transact environment to Transact Manager 5.0?
    The first step is to contact your Avoka Account Manager or Email Us. Transact Manager 5.0 upgrades are now being scheduled for both cloud and on-premise installations.
  • How can we get a copy of the Transact Fluent SDK?
    The best method is to upgrade one or more of your Transact servers to Transact Manager 5.0. The SDK is included in the upgrade. For developers and partners who have an account on the Avoka Support Portal, download the SDK at Fluent SDK, or contact your Avoka Account Manager or Email Us.
  • How can existing Avoka users get the detailed list of changes and enhancements in Transact Manager 5.0 prior to making an upgrade decision?
    Avoka customers with a portal account can see the release notice and detailed changes on the Avoka Support Portal.
  • Do I need to convert my existing forms to Maestro?
    No, Composer and Maestro forms can run concurrently in the same Transact environment. Retain your existing forms in Composer and easily create any new forms in Maestro.
  • Do I need to update my Transact Manager version for Maestro?
    Maestro requires Transact Manager 4.3 or greater. Transact 5.0 is recommended but not required.
  • What is the cost of Maestro?
    Maestro is available at no additional cost to licensed users of Avoka Transact.
  • What training is available?
    Yes, interactive online customer training is available.
  • What if I want to stay with Composer for my project?
    Customers currently using Composer can remain confident that their existing forms will remain supported. For new projects, Avoka recommends the use of Maestro to take advantage of latest features and be on track for future enhancements.
  • How do I implement Insights?
    Contact your Avoka Account Manager to participate in the early release program.
    • You will need to upgrade to Transact Manager 5.
    • Insights tracking can be implemented with Maestro built forms.
    • Tracking instrumentation can also be implemented on forms built in Composer 4.1 and with best composer support in Composer 4.4 and 4.3 SP4.
    • The Avoka Assessment Team will work with you to get Insights configured in your environment and activated for the selected forms.
    • Over the course of the assessment period, you and the Avoka team will meet regularly to review the data being collected and discuss recommendations for improvement.
  • How does Insights work?

    Avoka Forms created in Maestro and supported Composer versions are instrumented to track activity on individual fields.

    Insights then collects meta-data such as time spent on a field, which fields are completed, user navigation, and other non-sensitive transaction information, and stores it in a private partition in the Google Cloud Platform. It runs in the background, invisible to the end user, and has no impact on performance of the form.

    The data is converted into detailed analytics, purpose-built for online account openings. Analytics data is viewed from the Insights dashboard and graphical reports.

  • How much control do I have over changes to my forms?

    Insights analyzes detailed user behavior in your forms and identifies problem spots. You control any changes to your forms.

    During the early release program, Avoka will provide recommended changes to optimize results. You decide which, if any, of these changes to implement.

    Any approved changes made to your forms will be published as a new version. You may revert to the current version at any time and can conduct A/B testing between old and new versions.