Avoka Transact™ 5

Avoka Transact™ 5 is the most advanced version of Avoka Transact, the leading digital sales platform for frictionless sales and service transactions.


Transact 5 brings advances in the design of digital sales forms, agile optimization based on customer behavior, and extensibility of the open platform to create tailored solutions.


For current Avoka customers, both cloud and premise based, Transact 5 offers access to the advanced capabilities and greater extensibility while retaining full compatibility with existing Transact forms.   New Avoka customers starting with Transact 5 will experience faster time to market, easier learning, deeper analytics and increased security for their customer-centric digital transformation.

Faster Time to Market with Maestro

Included in Transact 5 is the newest generation design tool, Avoka Transact Maestro, simplifying the form creation process, accelerating team training, and allowing the development of sophisticated digital forms with little or no coding required.

Used exclusively with Transact 5, Maestro offers an extensive palette of features and styles to rapidly create, visualize and test form based user experiences, and to tailor them to meet strict branding guidelines.

Reduce Abandonment with Insights

Avoka Transact Insights, a new module in Transact 5, captures end-customer behavior to drive detailed transaction analytics on how to reduce friction and abandonment in the user experience.  It allows continuous, agile, data-driven improvement.

Insights reporting provides fine-grained analytics around how your users are interacting with the form at a section and field level, all activated with a single click.

With specialized analytics purpose-built for account opening and onboarding, Insights measures where customers are spending time, making errors, or abandoning their session.  Graphical reports illustrate the completion rates at each field and highlight problem areas in the user experience.

Transact 5 Extensibility

Transact 5 includes the widest range of built-in services of any digital sales platform, enabling maintenance of forms with just the Maestro design tool.

Avoka recognizes that most customers, especially large financial and government institutions, desire to extend the transaction platform to create a uniquely tailored transaction process.   This is where Transact 5 shines – creating an environment for customers, partners and the Avoka service team to rapidly extend Transact with new back office integrations, new workflows, and new connectors to FinTech services.

The Transact 5 Fluent SDK features an extensive range of services to allow partners, customers, and the Avoka services team to extend Transact to meet customer requirements.

Transact Fluent SDK

The Transact Fluent SDK includes a new API, based on a simplified Fluent programming style, is designed for faster learning and maximum productivity.

The Transact API now supports IDE based development, including source control integration for team development projects, code modularization, and reuse, with code completion and error checking as you type.

The result is faster training and scaling of teams, quicker time to market, and easier upgrades.  Long term support and maintenance is improved with a guaranteed stable API contract.

The Transact 5 Fluent SDK architecture is illustrated here.

Pre-Built Integrations with Avoka Exchange

Another extensibility feature available in Transact 5 is Avoka Exchange, announced at Finovate Fall in New York.  The Exchange is a catalog of pre-built integrations to popular essential FinTech services.

Using Avoka Exchange, customers can include services such as identity verification, financial history validation, imaging or electronic signatures from a list of over 40 partners, and growing.  With Avoka Exchange, integrated services are developed using the Transact 5 Fluent API.

Avoka Exchange places Transact at the center of the essential services needed for account opening, such as identity management, verification and decisioning services, imaging, and electronic signatures.

What is the Avoka Exchange?

The Avoka Exchange Catalog includes a list of more than 40 partners and is constantly growing as Avoka extends the list of integrated services.

By filtering on a type of solution, such as identity management, developers and customers can identify the different partner connectors developed for Transact 5.