Avoka Transact™ Manager 5.1

Transact Manager 5.1 is our latest release, continuing to enhance the major functionality introduced in Transact 5 in 2016. Available now, Transact Manager 5.1 brings significant improvements in enterprise scalability and developer productivity.

Enterprise Scalability

Transact Manager 5.1 includes a more than 5x increase in transaction throughput to enable massive scaling. New capabilities to handle PDF receipts also support a higher volume of transactions. Transact Manager 5.1 has been scaled and tested to exceed the most demanding onboarding requirements for the world’s largest financial institutions.

Developer Productivity

Deployment Automation

Utilize a new, scriptable install/upgrade mode and enhanced APIs to automate deployment.


Faster Application Version Updates

Update applications in Maestro and simply click on a button in Transact Manager to start using the latest version.


Set different authentication policies for forms within each space. Allow public-facing anonymous access to an application while using validated SSO for employee access to privileged functions. Utilize the new Security Manager Logging for SSO development.

Maestro Language Localization

Add multiple languages to a single application. The application will automatically change languages based on the users.

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