Transform Banking Customer Journeys with Avoka


Increase Agility

Gain speed-to-market, and just as critically, analyze customer response and continually improve. Avoka keeps you in front of the competition.


Deliver Outstanding Experiences

Delight customers with omnichannel onboarding experiences that tie prospects and relationship managers across all your channels.

Mobile Credit Card

Leverage Leading FinTech

Digital customer journeys need Digital ID, KYC, Risk analysis and more. Avoka has pre-integrated the FinTech services into a single solution.

Welcome to Avoka

Avoka is a software platform, purpose-built for creating customer acquisition and onboarding solutions. Avoka is a secure cloud-based system, with modules to design the CX, integrate FinTech services into the solution, manage the flow of transactions, and analyze actual customer behavior.

By building on the Avoka platform, or using a pre-built Springboard Solution, IT departments and business units in the bank can spend their effort optimizing the experience for the customer, rather than creating the extensive systems needed to complete a digital onboarding.

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