CX Design for Banking

Customer Experience (CX) Design for Banking helps banks imagine and design frictionless digital customer acquisition and onboarding experiences.


The experience you deliver to your customers is your biggest competitive differentiator. Avoka’s CX Design for Banking was created to inspire you to think differently about your digital application and onboarding experience.

As the only account opening platform to provide a CX design program, we bring years of experience, best practices, and understanding of the complex environment in which you work.

Our end-to-end engagement ensures your applicants’ needs and goals are at the center of the experience and is proven to make an impact by:

  • Decreasing application abandonments
  • Increasing new customer conversion rates
  • Decreasing customer effort in doing business with your bank

Transaction Effort Score®

The Avoka CX Design Team will utilize the Transaction Effort Score (TES) to provide a specific measure of the ease of use of your application experience and benchmark against your peers.

The TES is a patent pending analysis of the work required by a prospect to buy a financial product.

Scores taken before and after the recommended CX design changes will enable you to quickly quantify the improvement in your experience.

Experience Design Workshop

The Experience Design Workshop dives deep into understanding your customers' needs and goals, and the moments that matter most to them during their application experience.

The insights gathered from this analysis are used to design a new application journey that delivers value not only for your customers but your business as well.

The Workshop delivers:

  • A hands-on, interactive experience facilitated by an Avoka CX Design Consultant
  • A shared understanding across your teams of the experience you deliver your customers
  • A customer-centered, insights-based new experience design
Experience Optimization

Utilizing Avoka Transact Insights, our detailed analytics module, our Experience Optimization services analyze an application experience’s performance and provides specific, actionable suggestions to improve application success rates.

We provide guidance on implementing the changes in the Avoka Transact Platform, along with A/B testing strategies where beneficial.

Your applicants’ success leads to your success, which leads to our success.

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