Avoka Exchange™ Catalog

The Avoka Exchange™ is a catalog of pre-integrated FinTech applications to extend the power of Avoka Transact™.

Avoka Transact for Emailage

Emailage is a secure cloud-based service to determine the financial fraud risk associated with an email address. Leveraging a vast global hub of fraud intelligence, Emailage uses the email address as a key data point to generate a customizable risk score. Emailage can be integrated with leading fraud platforms or used directly in your risk engine. Emailage can offer:

  • Risk Score: Risk score is the main feature of the Emailage Solution
  • IP Cross Validation: Verifies the history of an IP address based on good or bad transactions the email address was associated with
  • Workflow Improvement: Implement email fraud risk assessment as the front of your workflow for accurate fraud intelligence

Extend the reach of Emailage to your customers and partners.


Data Validation, ID Verification and Fraud Prevention, Australia, EMEA, North America