Avoka Exchange™ Catalog

The Avoka Exchange™ is a catalog of pre-integrated FinTech applications to extend the power of Avoka Transact™.

Avoka Transact for LexisNexis TrueID

Lexis Nexis TrueID Authentication Service integrated with Avoka Transact is a fully automated service, using patented algorithms to check the authenticity of an ID.   Give customers the benefit of pre-filling their application with a photo of their ID document and check the authenticity of the document at the same time. TrueID integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows, with additional built-in verification and authentication options that can be selectively “turned on” based on the risk of a transaction to give you maximum flexibility in your identity management processes.

  • ID document authentication takes just seconds.
  • Form fill capability improves speed, accuracy and data quality, and streamlines workflow.
  • TrueID’s intuitive and customizable interface requires minimal training and is easy to use. Web-based reporting tools enable instant access for fraud research.
  • TrueID can be used as a single or multi-factor authentication solution in any transaction requiring identity verification.
  • TrueID easily integrates within an existing workflow and connects directly to other LexisNexis solutions.

Extend the reach of LexisNexis TrueID to your customers and partners.


ID Verification and Fraud Prevention, Imaging, North America