Avoka Exchange™ Catalog

The Avoka Exchange™ is a catalog of pre-integrated FinTech applications to extend the power of Avoka Transact™.

Avoka Transact for Melissa

Global Address Verification

Melissa's powerful address verification solutions enable you to verify, correct, transliterate, and format addresses from all over the world before you send out letters, packages, and direct mail advertising. Melissa's Global Address Verification Service (GAV) verifies addresses for 240+ countries in real-time, at point of entry, to ensure only valid billing and shipping addresses enter your systems. GAV will:

  • Return a complete and standardized USPS® address including ZIP+4® using a CASS Certified™ engine
  • Correct international addresses by adding missing components such as postal codes, region, etc.
  • Standardize addresses to meet local country formatting rules
  • Transliterate many popular native character sets into Latin
  • Add precise lat/long coordinates to addresses for 40+ countries

Global Address Autocompletion

Global Express Entry® utilizes a type-ahead search functionality that makes it easy to enter and complete accurate addresses with up to 50% fewer keystrokes. It works on U.S. and international addresses. Global Express Entry suggests a complete, verified postal and/or email address as a user types, saving up to 50% in data entry time and simplifying application completion. This service will:

  • Autocompletes contact addresses and emails to speed up order entry with reduced keystrokes
  • Provides real-time verification to eliminate shipping costs due to incorrect addresses
  • Autofills all address fields (city, state, ZIP Code, etc) and works like an Internet search engine to upgrade the user experience

Extend the reach of Melissa to your customers and partners.


Data Pre-Fill, Data Validation, Australia, EMEA, North America