Avoka Exchange™ Catalog

The Avoka Exchange™ is a catalog of pre-integrated FinTech applications to extend the power of Avoka Transact™.

Avoka Transact for Loqate

Geocoding and reverse geocoding solution


Loqate helps you to associate a latitude and longitude coordinate to any address location to further enhance the precision and value to any geospatially-aware application.

  • Precise data visualisation - Visualise data by identifying store networks, warehouse locations, events with target precision.
  • Reverse Geocoding - Loqate enables you to identify locations nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate to expand the potential of location-based services.
  • Global Coverage - Add geocodes to premise-level locations in 120 countries, with rooftop geocoding in 60 countries, as well as city centre positions for over 245 countries and territories including the US, Canada, UK and most of Europe.

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    Data Pre-Fill, Data Validation, Australia, EMEA, North America