Exchange™ is a catalog of pre-integrated FinTech applications to extend the power of Avoka.

With over 40 services focused on the account opening experience, Avoka Exchange makes it faster and simpler for banks to acquire customers over digital channels, without having to integrate services like identity validation and electronic signature.

Connect to Everything

Avoka Transact® includes pre-built connectors for over 30 best-in-class services such as fraud detection, ID verification, digital signatures, and more.

The integration has already been done, so each connector can be added to the user experience as needed when designing the transaction.

Time to Market

The partner integrations have been completed, tested and delivered for financial projects already. Banks can come to market in weeks, not years, while avoiding complex integration and development.

Outstanding User Experience

Avoka creates a simplified and brand consistent user experience in front of the hidden services such as identity validation, tying them all together to make the process easier for the end customer.

Best in Class Services

A long and growing list of FinTech services essential to the account opening and onboarding process allows financial institutions to choose those that already fit their internal process, or to incorporate new services to support digital customer acquisition.

Drag & Drop Design

Maestro, the design tool of the Avoka Transact platform, makes it easy to incorporate Avoka Exchange FinTech services into your forms.

The pre-built connectors are included in the Maestro palette. Designers can simply drag and drop the desired services onto the form and configure them as needed.

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