Avoka Open UX

Open UX is the open API for development of financial customer journeys on the Avoka platform. Teams skilled in use of React, Angular or other Javascript frameworks will find this the fastest path to developing production class applications.

Build your UX with Avoka

Banks with established UX development teams, especially those using JavaScript frameworks such as React, can use the services of Open UX to focus on their customer onboarding experience, while treating infrastructure as a “solved problem”, eliminating much of the routine complexity accompanying UX development.

Design UX, not Infrastructure

Avoka is a platform purpose-built to deliver critical services needed in customer acquisition and onboarding. Save & resume, receipt generation, PII security, bundling of multiple forms into a submission, accessibility compliance, multiple applicants – these are just a few of the complex features that a development team would need to build, test, scale and maintain.  On top of these capabilities is the User Experience that differentiates the bank and creates the “Wow” factor.  With Avoka, the bank can focus its effort on designing its own Wow UX in React, and avoid the complexity of creating the underlying platform.

Use Tools of your Choice

Open UX is transparent to existing development pipelines, allowing bank teams to reuse and retain their investment in UX, design, and development environments while taking advantage of the Avoka Platform services.

API Services

Developers building on the Open UX Platform depend on the built-in features for routine services, and apply their knowledge to rapidly extend the functionality to meet their specific needs. Skills including Java, Apache Groovy, Javascript, REST/JSON and jQuery come into play in the open systems-based Open UX environment.

Maximum Productivity

The Open UX SDK includes everything a developer needs to integrate with the Avoka Platform: Javascript libraries for UX development, instructions, and examples.  Teams skilled in use of React, Angular or other frameworks can immediately begin taking advantage of the exposed onboarding infrastructure services.  Included in Open UX is access to the Avoka Exchange, our library of pre-integrated FinTech services, such as ID Verification, risk assessment and digital signatures.

Still not sure?

Compare detailed features in the chart below

Open UX
Maestro Design Environment
Customize the User Experience
Drag and Drop Visual Editor
Integrated Form builder
Optimized Test and Deployment
Source Code Management CI/CD
Directly access REST API
Develop in your own IDE
Build custom journeys with ReactJS SDK
Access to Avoka Exchange 3rd party services
Insights analytics