Journey Manager for Business Banking

Journey Manager for Business Banking accelerates time-to-market for the digital transformation of the most profitable business banking products. Temenos creates an outstanding omni-channel customer experience for business banking customer acquisition and onboarding, increases customer conversion and helps drive cross-sell of multiple products.

Cut Time-to-Market
  • Improve business agility with rapid time-to-market for digital customer acquisition projects.
  • Product owners and Application Development collaborate to deliver results in months, not years.
  • Launch new products and accelerate revenue, capturing market share ahead of the competition
Reduce Onboarding Process Time
  • Reduce processing time and customer effort for business customer onboarding, improving customer experience and accelerating product revenue.
  • A global bank cut a 40-day onboarding cycle to less than a day using Avoka Transact
  • Drive customer satisfaction, retention, and banking product adoption with a streamlined digital experience.
Drive Business Banking Cross-Sales
  • Increase cross-sales of multiple products to business customers, driving higher profitability per customer.
  • Example results include an increase from 1.4 products per customer to 4.0 products in each business banking account application
  • Prefill multiple applications and bundle entire package of documents for processing, hiding back-office complexity from the customer
Cut Onboarding Costs
  • Drastically cut time and the workforce required to process business onboarding documents
  • Digital onboarding reduces errors, revisions, and pended applications, getting faster acceptance
  • Global bank example eliminated hundreds of manual document processing roles by moving to an all-digital business onboarding
Drive CDD, AML and KYC Through FinTech Innovation
  • Accelerate adoption of FinTech services for digital ID verification, biometric identification, and risk-based identification
  • Watch a demo showing how we can help you meet KYB requirements
  • Choose from more than 40 pre-integrated FinTech services to support Customer Due Diligence, AML and KYC compliance processes
  • Drive cost and efficiency gains with digital systems to replace cumbersome paper in compliance processes
  • Eliminate the need to separately integrate with multiple FinTechs in order to achieve desired compliance data capture and validation

Transform your Business Banking Acquisition
and Onboarding to Digital

Improve your business agility, capture the market opportunity and increase customer acquisition now, with digital account opening, loan applications and onboarding from Temenos.

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