Temenos Journey Manager

The Avoka platform is now part of Temenos Infinity. Temenos has productized the technologies required to deliver an outstanding customer experience for digital sales and onboarding.

Connect to Everything

Temenos Journey Manager includes pre-built connectors for best in class services such as fraud detection, ID verification, digital signatures, and over 30 different connection partners.
The integration has already been done, so each connector can be added to the user experience as needed when designing the transaction.

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Design Once, Deliver Everywhere

Temenos Infinity Maestro, the design tool of Journey Manager, provides pre-built components for rapid form creation as well as the ability to customize the experience. Everything created is mobile responsive and can be previewed in formats for phone, tablet, and desktop.
A single design runs on all devices, takes the screen size into account, and gives an optimal experience without creating versions for each device.

Manage & Optimize

Agility is built into every Temenos Infinity application. Watch transaction progress and monitor completion rates, bounce rates, and submission volume for different devices and forms.
Test new ideas with A/B testing and instantly monitor results. Then when changes are needed, adjustments are data-driven similar to a web content manager, no coding changes required. This allows rapid deployment in a few clicks, no need for waiting on test and release cycles.

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