A Post-Acquisition Message from Avoka Co-Founder Howard Treisman

Avoka was founded in the beach town of Manly, was named after a beach (Avoca Beach on the coast north of Sydney), has a board room that contains real surf boards, and has always had a little bit of surf culture about it (even if that translates to snowboards for our USA colleagues). For those of you who have never been surfing, you tend to do a lot of paddling, and it can be a bit exhausting. But there is a moment when you are paddling into a wave when you feel that wave take you, and from that point on, you know you’ve got it. All that paddling has finally paid off, you are caught in the power of the wave, and you know you’re going to feel that thrill of riding down the face of the wave.

It feels a little bit like that with Avoka. It feels like we’re been paddling for a long time, and now we’re about to really take off.

Avoka Chief Solutions Architect Ben Warner felt the power of the wave.

Avoka has grown fantastically over the last few years, and I am very proud of what we’ve achieved. But even if we grew dramatically every year from now, it still feels to me that we wouldn’t be achieving our true potential – it’s just not possible to grow fast enough to reach all the customers who could benefit from us. I have always felt that the best way for us to achieve our potential was to team up with a larger company who already has all the right connections in the right places. Temenos gives us access to a large number of markets in different countries, to a huge staff including many sales people with strong existing relationships with many of our target customers, and to a vast network of implementers, as well as a well-known and trusted brand. Temenos gives us the ability to really accelerate our success, and I am hugely excited about what that means for our people, our products, and our customers.

For some of our staff, our challenge going forward will become a little different to what it has been previously. How do we leverage all the opportunity that Temenos offers us? How do we further scale up our platform and our solutions to allow them to be sold and deployed successfully across a much larger set of customers and implementers that we have ever imagined till now? How do we educate and align our new Temenos colleagues so that they can be successful with our products and our processes? How do we integrate our respective technologies? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I do know that we have a fantastic team who will work out the answers, just like you’ve worked out every other challenge that we’ve thrown at you in the past.

I couldn’t possibly thank every person individually for having helped to bring the company to this point. That would be around 270 people, and a very tedious blog. This has been a massive effort from every single one of you. And so many of you, so often, have gone way beyond the call of duty, and shown loyalty and resilience. You know who you are! I can’t think of a single person who is anything but brilliant at their job. But more than that, you are good people, and I like you, and while some things may change, I hope that many of the friendships I’ve made at Avoka will endure. Thank you.

I would be remiss if I didn’t single out one person – my co-founder, and Avoka’s CEO, Phil. Ultimately, the buck has always stopped with Phil, and he has done an amazing job of captaining and steering the ship Avoka, through waters that were not always calm. He has had an amazing ability to be across every aspect of the company, with breadth as well as depth, from the technology, through marketing, sales and finance – and even the office layouts. And while he has always been fiercely growth-oriented, he has somehow also managed to always do the right thing, the ethical thing, with both customers and staff. It is no coincidence that some of our company values include “Make the customer successful”, and “Play with a straight bat”, and “Healthy people, healthy growth”. Thank you Phil, there have been some tough times, but it’s always been a pleasure to work alongside you.

I would also like to thank our customers for believing in us, and letting us help them to achieve amazing outcomes. I would like to assure our customers that the only thing that will change is that we will have more resources to do even better and brighter things for them. We see tremendous cultural and technical alignment with Temenos; the innovation won’t stop, our attitudes won’t change, and we will always put your success at the top of our list.

And so we are here at the crest of the wave, and there is no turning back. It’s going to be different, it won’t be without its challenges, but we’re going to embrace it and it’s going to be fun. When you are paddling into a big wave, there is always the risk of a wipe-out. But as one of my surf buddies says, trust your abilities, find your line, drive forward with confidence, and it will be a heck of a ride.

Howard Treisman
Howard Treisman

Howard is the Co-Founder and Chief Knowledge Officer of Avoka.