Data Collection: Serving of Guaranteed Delivery

I was speaking to one of our consultants today, and he was telling me about a recent Avoka Transact implementation.

For this customer, Avoka Transact is the front end to their in-house customer relationship management (CRM) system. Customers fill in a variety of data collection forms embedded on their website, and the form data is delivered to the CRM system. This in turn is acted upon by their in-house consultants. The CRM system has some intermittent API stability issues and often is unavailable for several minutes every hour.

In their previous data collection implementation, if someone filled in a form on the website and hit submit while the CRM system was down…Poof! Because the integration between the two systems was tightly coupled, if anything went wrong, the communication failed, data was simply lost, and a potential piece of business disappeared. Disaster!

After implementing Avoka Transact, to their delight, the situation turned out to be completely different. The first thing that Avoka Transact does is store the submission data, and only then does it try to deliver that data to back-end systems. If delivery can’t be accomplished immediately, then it is simply marked as having temporarily failed, and an hour later (or whatever it’s configured for), Avoka Transact will try again. Usually by then the problem will have been resolved, and the data will be delivered. After several failed attempts, Avoka Transact will eventually give up and leave it up to an administrator to resolve manually – but the data is never deleted until it’s either delivered or dealt with by an administrator.

The customer was particularly pleased that they didn’t have to do anything – Avoka Transact has been architected to work in this way from the ground up. Their CRM went up and down, and Avoka Transact just delivered the data seamlessly, without any loss or manual intervention.

This is just one of the little features in Avoka Transact that we’ve developed after years of solving this type of problem, and it results in very happy customers.

Don Bergal
Don Bergal

Don is CMO, building and leading worldwide marketing at Avoka. He has a successful 25 year record of growing technology businesses in marketing, operations, and sales management, particularly with early stage and high growth companies.

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