AIIA Financial Services and Systems of Engagement

AIIA Financial Services Panel on Systems of Engagement

Systems of Engagement Panel at AIIA Financial Services Network Event

Recently we participated in a thought leadership event on systems of engagement. The event was one of a regular series put on by the AIIA Financial Services Network.

About the AIIA Financial Services Network

AIIA partners with leading technology companies in the financial services sector to deliver regular networking events and thought leadership papers examining emerging trends at the cutting edge of the industry.

Each paper they commission has to address key issues in the financial services sector. They are examined in a workshop environment, polished, and then presented for discussion in front of a chosen panel of industry leaders.

Systems of Engagement: Apple usability, Amazon agility, Fort Knox security

For their latest session AIIA asked Avoka to participate and Derek Corcoran developed a thought-provoking paper on systems of engagement and the demands on financial services to deliver “Apple usability, Amazon agility, Fort Knox security”.

The panel was comprised of:

  • Shane Baker, CEO, Transaction Solutions
  • Telly Desillas, Head of Online Services, Macquarie Bank
  • Jason Millett, (former) Global Head of Technology, eCommerce & Transformation, Billabong International

While the live panel is over, you can still participate. Download Derek’s white paper and then watch the recorded panel session.

We look forward to your comments and feedback!

Don Bergal
Don Bergal

Don is CMO, building and leading worldwide marketing at Avoka. He has a successful 25 year record of growing technology businesses in marketing, operations, and sales management, particularly with early stage and high growth companies.

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