6 Things that Make an Avoka Technical Consultant Unique

With our rapid customer growth on three continents and the funding round of mid-2016 we’ve seen a big surge in headcount and hiring for the developers, designers and architects on the front lines of Avoka customer engagements. These are the technical consultants who have a huge impact on how our customers perceive Avoka success.

When looking at ways to attract the best team members, I had a chat with some of our most successful contributors to find out what makes their job special, and why they’ve chosen this role rather than a more conventional engineering job. There was some great insight from really thoughtful people. Short version is on the website, but here is a bit more detail:


The Product Works!

1. The Product Works!  If you’ve ever worked for a company where the product was better in Powerpoint than real life, you understand the importance here. Avoka Transact really delivers and makes a huge change for our customers. And they appreciate it. That makes a huge difference.
Avoka gives a holistic development experience. As a consultant, you work the full lifecycle of a project – architecture, design, implementation, deployment and customer feedback. Typically a developer on a big project will see one small part of the technology and a limited portion of the lifecycle. I like a sense of closure and accomplishment, and that comes with Avoka consulting projects.

2. Diversity of the challenge – Front end, Back end, API integrations with core systems and FinTEch services, connections to social media , security – the degree of experience in a short time is unmatched in a typical development job. Because Avoka Transact touches so many other systems, the consultants have to be broad thinkers, not narrowly skilled.


Avoka consultants know their customers

3. Know your customer – In few engineering jobs do you ever get to hear from the customer, much less meet them, and see how they deploy and are impacted by the product. At Avoka, while much of your work is done from your office (at Avoka or at home), you get out to the customer frequently during a project. Hearing from the customer directly means a better product, and seeing your product delivered makes all the difference.


No time to get bored

4. Lots of balls in the air. Consultants work multiple projects at once. While this is not for everyone, it’s a must for Avoka. The successful Avoka consultant thrives on working with 2-4 different projects at the same time, getting a range of experiences, personalities, and lifecycle phases.

5. Fast turns.  Avoka delivers products to market in weeks and months, not years. You’ll see your product through the entire lifecycle and multiple generations in production. Its not just agile, it’s a chance to gain more experience in a compressed amount of time.

Fast and Agile

Fast and Agile

6. FinTech is cool. Financial technology is moving faster than most other software markets. If you like to be on the forefront of a dynamic market, rather than working products that are now conventional, Avoka gives that chance.

Omnichannel Account Opening Experience

Omnichannel Account Opening Experience

So thank you to our client service consulting team, which makes up a significant share of our company. In Australia, US and Canada, and UK and Europe, we appreciate you putting the face on the company for all of our customers.

Don Bergal
Don Bergal

Don is CMO, building and leading worldwide marketing at Avoka. He has a successful 25 year record of growing technology businesses in marketing, operations, and sales management, particularly with early stage and high growth companies.

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