Avoka 18.11

This release accelerates customer value through the Avoka Transact platform with advanced features to create outstanding customer journeys that reduce abandonment, accelerate your time to market, and sustain agility.  The features in this release empower you to rapidly build outstanding customer acquisition journeys – your way.

Customer Journey

Insights Collaboration Support

Gain an end-to-end application workflow visualization of how the applications are moving through the onboarding workflow including the end-user transactions and back-office activities.

Identify challenges and bottlenecks impacting the experience and speed of customer acquisition.

Understand the customer acquisition journey over the complete onboarding journey, with cohesive performance metrics on experiences built with multiple forms.

New Insights UI

The new Insights UI offers a more user-friendly experience with modern, slick, UI. The improved layout and space efficiency permit more room for visualization content and allows users to focus on analysis without interference from peripheral UI components.

Maestro Static Complex Application Support

Create complicated, multi-stage applications forms, without impacting performance or using collaboration jobs to bundle separate forms.

Reduce the time customers need to wait for large, complex forms to load, resulting in lower abandonment rates.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Avoka Workspaces

Improve customer experience and increase staff productivity in the application review process with Avoka Workspaces. Avoka Workspaces is a review and approval workspace for banking staff, built to support resolution and customer service for account opening and onboarding.

Avoka Workspaces enables your bank staff to enhance the bank customer experience and improve staff productivity by increasing efficiency and accuracy of the application review process, often a source of onboarding delays.

Learn more about Avoka Workspaces.

Transact Application Framework

Transact Application Framework introduces Narratives to enable the design of Maestro applications with complex business logic, routing, and external service interactions through configuration.

Sustained Agility

Exchange Integration Framework

Develop integrations in an efficient, standardized, and scalable manner on the Avoka platform.

Build unit testing for individual features within the service to identify defects in the early stages of development and highlight back compatibility issues quickly.

Exchange Regression Suites

Increased support for Exchange packages

Significantly improved turnaround time for defect fixes

Package compatibility with every new Transact Manager release

Coverage of all existing features supported within the package

AWS SNS 2-Factor Authentication & SMS Messaging

Help ensure sensitive information stored on potential clients is less likely to be accessed by fraudulent activity.

Tighten security by enforcing 2nd-factor Authentication on applications.

Send an open text message to send reminders, expiration warnings, promotions, etc.

Additional Features

In addition to the above features, this release also includes Maestro SCM enhancements and additional platform security.

Additional Resources