Avoka Transact® for Salesforce

Avoka Transact for Salesforce enables seamless integration of digital account opening applications and service transactions into Salesforce contacts and records.

Salesforce Demo

The Avoka Transact platform offers a seamless integration with Salesforce. In this video, we will show you how can view and track your contact’s current and completed applications, send a new, pre-filled application to a contact, using information from Salesforce, and capture data from an application directly into Salesforce.

Avoka Transact for Salesforce is a trusted partner of the Salesforce AppExchange, the business app store from Salesforce.

This brings simplicity to your integration and enables you to easily track and manage your digital sales applications from one place.

Solution Benefits


Direct to Salesforce

Capture application input from mobile and desktop devices directly into Salesforce forms, allowing rapid customer engagement and real-time awareness of customer actions.


Drive Customer Activity

Increase banking customer acquisition by pushing pre-filled, mobile responsive applications to customers directly from Salesforce.


Build on Your Investment

Leverage your existing Salesforce data and create an omni-channel account opening experience with Avoka Transact, an integrated off-the-shelf solution certified by Salesforce.


  • Push links to pre-filled applications to prospects and current customers, using data already in Salesforce.
  • Track the status of open applications and view completed applications, directly from the Salesforce contact.
  • View abandoned applications to follow up with customers and assist the customer in completing them.
  • Capture completed PDF forms as receipts in Salesforce and email them to customers.
  • Capture customer input on a phone, tablet, and desktop and merge it directly into Salesforce.

Customer Success

Superior customer experience is an obsession for Ebury, giving our Salesforce-based sales and operations teams complete visibility of the transactions executed through the Avoka system within the context of an individual customer is part of being able to delight our customers.


– Dr. Toby Young, CTO; Ebury, London

Add Mobile Responsive Account Opening Applications
to Your Salesforce.com

Increase bank customer acquisition with an omni-channel account opening experience. Avoka Transact for Salesforce enables you to create, send, and store account applications customers can open and complete from their desktop, tablet, or phone.

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