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Journey Manager for Superannuation

Temenos Journey Manager for Superannuation is an onboarding platform for Australian Super Funds that delivers a world-class member experience across member applications, rollovers, investment choices and more while accelerating digital transformation.

Paper to Digital

  • Replace tedious paper and PDF documents with digital data capture, signatures, and identity validation.
  • Remove reliance on the back office to collate paperwork and process data, saving time and costs.
  • Gain improved visibility of the pipeline of applications in progress.
  • Enable workflow collaboration, emailing digital forms to members to attach supporting documents and signatures and subsequently emailing them to the Super Fund.
Outstanding Experience

  • Create an outstanding, self-serve, onboarding experience for members and employers, matching the service expectations for your brand.
  • Reduce customer effort required to onboard with digital enrollment, e-signatures, identity verification, and compliance requirements all built in.
  • Give flexibility to members, enabling them to complete portions of onboarding at their convenience on mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Enable a seamless, omni-channel experience with features such as Save and Resume, information auto-fill, and collaboration.
Rapid Changes

  • Deliver improvements fast across multiple digital channels.
  • Go live in weeks or months, not years, with member and employer visible improvements, meeting time-to-market challenges.
  • Gain the agility to quickly optimize the member experience or accommodate ongoing regulatory and compliance requirements without software release cycles.

Start your customer-centric digital transformation today!

Improve the experience for your members and improve your business agility now, with fast-to-market digital onboarding solutions from Temenos. We have pioneered Superannuation onboarding so you don’t have to.

Customer Success

Engaging Avoka allowed us to transition from paper to a digital option that resulted in more than 250,000 citizen transactions processed a year and facilitating the collection of over $400 million in revenue.


– Director of Digital Transformation, Large Government Agency in Australia

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