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Course Offerings

Let our expert instructors teach you the skills you need to fully benefit from your investment.

Essential Skills

Our Essential Skills training course enables your team to build core skills in our products.

The Avoka Transact Maestro module, allows your team to become experienced in building your front-end customer experience with hands-on training exercises.  To facilitate your administrators in managing your data collection applications, our standard course includes detailed training focused on our Avoka Transact Manager module.

Customized Training

If you wish to provide more specific training to your team that matches your real world use case, we’re happy to work with you to develop and deliver it.

Specific training can ensure that your developers, and administrators learn the core skills they need to get their job done. If you have specific roles defined and a particular use case that you feel would benefit from custom training, our instructors will work with you to set up a curriculum that strikes a balance between essential skills needed for day-to-day tasks and your specific use case.


As your team becomes more proficient, we begin to take a more back-seat role, while continuing to provide assistance, guidance, architectural oversight, and issue resolution.

We find mentoring ensures that your team becomes confident and self sufficient with all aspects of the Avoka Transact® Platform.  Avoka experts will be available to provide advice as your team takes advantage of our support in ensuring successful deployment.