Avoka Transact Maestro

Design a frictionless customer onboarding experience

Maestro is the newest generation Transact design tool, simplifying the creation of digital account opening solutions. Accelerate your time to market while customizing an omni-channel account opening experience for all product lines.

Create one design for all devices and preview it on different screen sizes and specific devices in both landscape and portrait mode. With Maestro you can also create style templates, enabling anyone on your team to easily produce brand-approved account applications.

Watch our video for a brief demo.

Have you been tasked with transforming your customers‘ digital account opening experience?

If so, then you are probably trying to work through which path will give you the shortest time-to-market: building applications from scratch, or building on a platform dedicated to solving this problem. The difference lies in understanding the complex requirements for online financial sales.

Download this educational white paper to learn more about the hidden challenges lurking beneath the surface. We hope this white paper helps you make the best decision for your organization.

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