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Temenos Journey Manager for Financial Services

Avoka, now Journey Manager, accelerates the creation of customer journeys in financial services with frictionless sales and service transactions for banks, insurance, superannuation, and wealth managers.

Time to Market and Agility

Temenos Journey Manager enables banks to rapidly deliver outstanding customer acquisition journeys.  Our agile platform enables continuous enhancement and responsiveness to changing market opportunities.  Monitor transaction pain points, iterate, release, and rapidly test to optimize customer experience and account opening results.

Temenos Springboard
Deposit Account Opening

For retail deposit account opening, Temenos provides two ways to solve your challenges, both incorporating the benefits of the Avoka platform, now Temenos Journey Manager. Custom-defined solutions enable the creation of a unique customer journey for your market, tailored to your specific product.

Temenos Springboard Deposit Account Opening (DAO), available to the US market, is a pre-built solution with the extensibility of Temenos Journey Manager, designed for speed-to-market and with integrated digital KYC compliance and fraud and risk evaluation.

Build on a Platform

With Journey Manager’s account opening solutions, revolutionize your digital onboarding independent of core systems.  Accelerate speed-to-market and enable continuous enhancement through the agile platform.  Financial institutions can build their specific user experience taking advantage of all the platform services such as:

  • Branding and customer experience control
  • Sophisticated form creation
  • Previews on multiple device types and sizes
  • Adaptive response
  • Bundling of product applications
  • Abandonment configuration
  • Receipts and confirmations
  • Detailed dashboard and field-level analytics
  • Easy, continuous optimization
Deliver a Customer-Centric Account Opening Experience

Digital customers accustomed to a one-click retail experience expect the same from their bank.  Avoka, now Temenos Journey manager, delivers the fastest, simplest account openings, demonstrated by our award for the 90-second application at Finovate 2015.

Create a simple customer-friendly experience, improving conversion rates across all product lines.  Financial institutions see reduced abandonment and increased cross-sales within weeks of implementation.  Customers enjoy a streamlined application process.

Secure, Compliant, Reliable

Temenos has solved security and compliance concerns for some of the top 100 financial institutions in the world as well as government agencies.

KYC, AML, PII, HIPAA, and disclosure requirements are all built in to the platform.

Customer Success

Springboard Deposit Account Opening gives financial institutions a digital account opening and onboarding solution prebuilt with the best-in-class customer experience and Fintech integration. The integrations with 3rd party Fintech service providers that can qualify and decision applications coupled with an extensible platform provides financial institutions the flexibility to deliver a differentiated customer experience.


– Tiffani Montez, Senior Analyst, Aite Group

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