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Avoka for Wealth Management

Avoka for Wealth Management simplifies the customer application and onboarding experience for wealth managers, creating an agile, efficient and mobile responsive experience for both client and adviser.

Paper to Digital

  • Replace tedious paper and PDF onboarding forms with digital data capture, signatures, and identity validation.
  • Create a tailored digital process incorporating KYC and AML compliance.
  • Feed back-office system with no changes required, allowing rapid customer facing improvements without upsetting business processes.
  • Streamline customer interactions, allowing bankers to focus on relationships, not on filling out repetitive paper forms.
Outstanding Experience

  • Create an outstanding onboarding experience for client and advisor, matching the service expectations for your brand.
  • Reduce customer effort required to onboard with digital enrollment, signatures, identity verification and compliance.
  • Give mobile flexibility to clients, allowing them to complete portions of onboarding at their convenience on mobile devices.
  • Connect the mobile and advisor experiences with omni-channel features like save and resume.
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ApplicationBundling_EmpireBank_650 - optimized
Application Bundling

  • Bundling is the packaging of multiple forms into a single submitted package, making it easier for your customers to complete and easier for you to process.
  • Capture basic information once, then automatically populate multiple application forms needed for different internal silos and compliance docs.  No more filling out name and address 5 times.
  • Cross Selling improves dramatically by giving multiple product choices, then automatically generating separate applications for each product chosen.
  • An entire package of documents is submitted together to the existing business process, eliminating need for back office changes.
Rapid Changes

  • Avoka customers come to market in weeks, not years, and make rapid modifications as needs evolve.
  • No coding, data driven design allows transactions to be continuously updated, without software development.
  • Accommodate changing KYC, AML, and compliance requirements as they occur without lining up in the IT development queue.

Start your customer-centric digital transformation today!

Capture the market opportunity for new products and improve business agility now, with fast-to-market digital onboarding from Avoka.

Customer Success

Millennium Trust moved from over 100 forms, taking 4 weeks for each customer, to an Avoka driven process for openings, distributions, and investment directions. Onboarding was reduced to days, and we saved over 1 million minutes of advisory and customer time.


– Bob Kunimura, CTO, Millennium Trust Company

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