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For Developers

The Transact platform offers developers and architects a chance to develop skills creating leading FinTech solutions, solving challenging business problems in a standards-based environment.

Developer Productivity

Developers on Avoka Transact multiply their productivity by 10x by building on a platform that has already addressed the routine, complex tasks underlying a FinTech transaction environment. Routine or repetitive tasks like generating HTML code, implementing responsive design, addressing accessibility and compliance requirements have all been taken care of – they are standard capabilities of Transact. Instead, skilled developers work on optimizing user experience design, integrating with other FinTech APIs, architecting security in the cloud, and building business logic.

Open Systems Based

Transact is entirely based on open systems. From the application server technologies built on JBoss, Java and Apache, to the user experience design tools built with HTML, Javascript and CSS, Transact developers enrich their skills on the current standards-based technologies. Transact incorporates REST API,  SDK, and a Fluent-based services and development model in combination with Transact’s Apache Groovy based services. No other customer acquisition platform offers the ease and range of extensibility as Transact, designed to meet the needs of the world’s largest financial institutions.

FinTech Trajectory

For developers building their expertise in FinTech, Transact offers both integration to over 40 other leading FinTech services through the Avoka Exchange, and a system that has evolved to meet the stringent requirements of Top 10 banks worldwide. With a diversity of customers across banking, wealth management, and insurance, Transact developers see the forefront of financial customer acquisition.

User Experience

Designers creating the end-user experience with Avoka Transact Maestro have the benefit of a drag and drop, rapid development tool to quickly assemble customer journeys from reusable components. For routine creation of constructs like user identity, attachments, and receipt generation, all the components are readily available to add to the experience. In addition, they can build new, reusable components that extend the palette available and develop form-based logic quickly. Extensions and custom constructs are accomplished with Javascript and AngularJS. Styling uses standard HTML5 and CSS.

Extend and Integrate

Developers building on the Transact Platform depend on the built-in features for routine services, and apply their knowledge to rapidly extend the functionality to meet their specific needs. Skills including Java, Apache Groovy, Javascript, REST/JSON and jQuery come into play in the open systems-based Transact environment.

Maximum Productivity

The Transact Fluent SDK includes a new API, based on a simplified Fluent programming style. It is designed for faster learning and maximum productivity. The Transact API now supports IDE-based development, including source control integration for team development projects, code modularization, and reuse, with code completion and error checking as you type. The result is faster training and scaling of teams, quicker time to market, and easier upgrades. Long term support and maintenance is improved with a guaranteed stable API contract.

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