Avoka Transact® Insights

Insights is a behavioral analytics system, focused on identifying abandonment hotspots and enabling data-driven decisions for continuous optimization.

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Gain insight into what is causing abandonment in your account opening applications and loan originations with field-level reporting on completion rates, error rates, median time to complete, and keystrokes. Check out our demo to see it in action!

Detailed Transaction &
Field Analytics

Gain insight into the complete customer onboarding experience with comprehensive analytics from transactions down to individual fields.

Insights measures where customers are spending time, making errors, requesting help, or abandoning their session.

Graphical reports and dashboards illustrate the completion rates at each field and highlight problem areas in the user experience.

Agile Optimization

With the insight delivered by the detailed analytics, institutions can observe results, implement changes, rapidly push them into live use, and immediately measure the impact.

Analyze multiple versions to identify optimal design.  The result is an agile system of continuous improvement at your control.


View dashboards with roll-up stats on completions, field error rates, duration, device distribution and more.

Set filters to sort data by date, channel, device type, operating system, screen size, location, and segment.

Measure Customer Friction

Deliver better outcomes using the Drop-off view to identify problem areas based on customized thresholds.

Page level reporting provides detail on applications started, submitted, unique visits, and bounces.

Field Analysis

Field level analytics on completions, errors, time spent, help rate, keystrokes, and the last field interaction prior to abandonment reflect how customers are engaging with all aspects of your application.

Timeline Analysis

Identify trends with a full picture of completed, abandoned, and in-progress applications.

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Welcome to Insights the analytics module of the Avoka Transact® Platform.

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