Avoka for Insurance

Avoka for Insurance accelerates the digital transformation for customer acquisition, onboarding, and claim to service for insurance providers, creating a digital experience in a fraction of the time of traditional solutions.

Paper to Digital

  • Replace tedious paper and PDF onboarding forms with digital data capture, signatures, and identity validation.
  • Create a tailored digital process incorporating KYC and AML compliance.
  • Feed back-office system with no changes required, allowing rapid customer facing improvements without upsetting business processes.
  • Streamline customer interactions, allowing insurers to focus on relationships, not on filling out repetitive paper forms.
Time to Market

  • Launch new sales and customer service initiatives in months, not years, by using a digital engagement platform.
  • Create custom forms and applications to match current processes using a low-code platform without software development.
  • Make fast and frequent updates by changing data, without software release cycles.
  • Meet customer and channel demands without requiring complete back office digital overhauls.

ApplicationBundling_EmpireBank_650 - optimized
Application Bundling

  • Bundling is the packaging of multiple forms into a single submitted package, making it easier for your customers to complete and easier for you to process.
  • Capture basic information once, then automatically populate multiple application forms needed for different internal silos and compliance docs.  No more filling out name and address 5 times.
  • Cross Selling improves dramatically by giving multiple product choices, then automatically generating separate applications for each product chosen.
  • An entire package of documents is submitted together to the existing business process, eliminating the need for back office changes.

  • Accept customer input across channels, including phone, tablet, and desktop, as well as call center and agent office.
  • Begin a digital application on a phone or PC, complete it later with help from an agent or call center.
  • Track partially completed forms and applications, then reach out from the call center to assist with completion.
  • Share the same application information among customers, agent and call center.
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Start your customer-centric digital transformation today!

Capture the market opportunity for new products and improve business agility now, with fast-to-market digital onboarding from Avoka.

Customer Success

We make promises that if the unthinkable happens, we will be there for our customers. Avoka gives our customers a quick and efficient way to lodge a claim, anytime and anywhere, especially important in time of disaster. Feedback has been fantastic, and the time-to-market was absolutely critical.


– Director, Westpac General Insurance

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