Journey Manager

Journey Manager is the heart of the Avoka platform. It is a System of Engagement, purpose-built to manage the end user experience for account opening, onboarding and account servicing, and submit a complete application package to the back office systems of record.

What is Journey Manager?

Journey Manager is a server application, hosted in the cloud or on-premise, that hosts forms, controls interaction with customers, calls on specialized services like identity verification or risk analysis and exchanges data with back-office systems of record.

Journey Manager productizes the technology needed for a best in class digital sales experience in a pre-built platform.  This allows financial and government institutions to create their user experience, without having to engineer the complex security, data capture, resiliency, convenience and integration features required underneath.

Tip of the Iceberg

When capturing the information for a data-intensive transaction such as a bank account opening or loan application, there are dozens of hidden features that are needed to ensure a reliable and frictionless transaction.

The visible form on the mobile device or PC is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the complexity lies hidden beneath the surface of the server. Institutions attempting to build their own form solution will hit these requirements and be forced to engineer solutions to each one. Journey Manager was built to deliver all the necessary functions, tested and secure, to eliminate the need for development teams to recreate solutions for each project.

Important functions include executing the logic in the form to present the right options to the end user, storing the customer data as it is being collected to create a complete account opening application, and delivering the complete application package to the institution as well as copies to the customer.

Features Built In to Journey Manager

These are examples of features standard with Journey Manager which would require extensive engineering to build without the Avoka platform.

  • Save & Resume
    Omnichannel engagement depends on starting on one channel, then resuming elsewhere, with no login or password creation necessary.
  • Extensibility
    Transact Manager includes over 20 extension points to accommodate unique integration requirements.
  • Collaboration Between Parties
    Pass an application between co-applicants, or give call-center assistance to complete an abandoned application.
  • Omni-Channel Enablement
    Tie mobile, online, branch and call center together to create a continuous experience design to acquire and onboard customers.
  • Product Bundling Orchestration
    Cross sell multiple products from one application, and complete multiple forms from a single input using built-in bundling.
  • Digital Signature Integration
    Options ranging from simple scribble signatures for touch devices, to integration with eSignature providers are available to add directly to the design.
  • Attachment Management
    Uploading and handling of attachments for supporting documents and bundling with the completed package is standard.
  • Security Roles & Permissions
    Set granular access controls and permissions to applications and system operations.
  • Encryption
    Set advanced configurations to satisfy encryption needs.
  • Integrated A/B Testing
    Compare multiple application versions to identify the optimal customer experience.
  • Event Logging
    Access logs of all key usage for security, audit, and compliance requirements.
  • Reporting & Scheduled Jobs
    Schedule jobs and tasks and create automated reports.
  • Single Sign-On
    Customize SSO packages using standard protocols.
Transaction Management

  • Store and Forward – Stores customer input securely for duration of application process, even with Save and use of multiple channels. Forwards completed application on submission.
  • Save and resume – Partial input is never lost. Saves incomplete applications at any time in process, automatically creating reference link for customer and institution to re-open the application and resume the process.
  • Capture user input just once – Populate multiple forms with common data without repeating user input.
  • Attachments – Upload and collect all attachments and supporting documents for an application, saving and submitting with completed package.
  • Channel Cross Over – Switch between mobile, desktop, branch, and call center channels with no loss of data or restarting the account application.

  • Prefill from back-office systems of record – Fetch data real-time from ERP, core systems, CRM or databases to prefill information as customers complete the forms, eliminating friction and easing customer input.
  • Bundling – Populate multiple forms for different products, supporting documents and compliance without requiring separate input, then submit each form separately to its destination back office system.
  • PDF copy – Permanent version of the completed application sent to the customer and/or back office for hard copy record of the application.
  • Standards-based data exchange – Full package of collected application data sent to a business process or back-office systems of record in standard format XML, API or PDF formats.
Agile Optimization

  • Comparative A/B testing – Publish multiple versions of forms simultaneously and track conversion rates for each, allowing rapid tests of new features.
  • Changes without Coding – Change form behavior and appearance without coding, simply with data changes, eliminating long test and release cycles

  • Access Controls and Permissions – Full granularity of control over access to applications in-flight and control over system operations.
  • Single Sign-On – SSO packages using standard protocols can be customized.

Journey Manager implements the strong security and compliance features demanded by Avoka customers in financial services and government. Avoka undergoes annual SOC 1-SSAE 18 Type II and SOC 2-Type II audits by an independent service auditor, who provides reports on controls in place relevant to the Trust Principles of Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, and Confidentiality.

The architecture is designed to ensure the customer institutions maintain exclusive control over data and encryption keys while being stored in Journey Manager.

Both cloud and premise-based systems have been hardened, tested and repeatedly validated by demanding security teams from our worldwide customers.


The majority of features and functions required to deliver an outstanding and secure digital sales experience have been built into the platform. But large institutions typically have unique requirements and business processes that must be accommodated, and for this last 10% of the business requirements, Journey Manager is the most extensible business platform available.

Journey Manager includes over twenty different extension points – points in the lifecycle of a transaction – where developers can “plugin” code to extend the transaction platform to create a uniquely tailored transaction process.

Examples include pre-fill of forms from systems of record, validating user input against a remote API or creating filters based on a custom security profile.

Fluent SDK

The Fluent SDK provides IDE-based development, including source control integration for team development projects, code modularization and reuse, unit testing, and real-time code completion and error checking.

The Fluent API has been designed from the ground up to provide a simplified Fluent programming style. This API and programming is designed for improved learning and reduced complexity, higher productivity, and increased code readability.

The Apache Groovy language which our developers find so productive is still used. Upgrades and maintenance become smoother because of the simplified and stable Fluent API.

And finally, the new API provides enhanced levels of security and performance. The original Apache Groovy API is still available for backward compatibility.

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