The Civil Aviation Authority Profit from a Mobile Optimized Solution

An Avoka Success Story


Legacy Paper Forms
The majority of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) application and renewal processes was based on legacy paper forms that resulted in processing delays, inefficiencies, and customer frustration. Even for payments the processing time and cost was significantly increased since paperwork was being handled manually. Due to repeated pressure to digitize their manual process and offer a more modern experience , the CAA adopted an aggressive timeframe to move their most complex transactions online.


Digital Omni-Channel SmartForms Deliver What CAA Needs

To offer a customer-friendly online solution while facing an aggressive time-to-market deadline, CAA leveraged Avoka Transact to deliver an optimized mobile solution with intuitive digital applications in months. They completed 21 of their most complex forms, including integration with back-end systems and payment gateways, within the timeframe. Customers can now complete applications and renewals online.

A New Mobile-Optimized Software Solution

Avoka Transact ensures that customers using CAA’s services get the same great design and experience regardless of their device. Avoka offers an omni-channel solution that work on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops to improve the customer experience and reduce transaction abandonment.


£0.5 million in Completed Digital Transactions

Using Avoka Transact coupled with an online payment system, CAA was able to process £0.5 million worth of transactions automatically. With this more efficient solution CAA have reduced processing time and cost associated with back office processes. More importantly CAA has now moved away from legacy paper and into the digitized world, they now portray a modern user-friendly transaction experience to their customers, giving customers the modern experience they expect.

Customer Success

Engaging Avoka allowed us to transition from paper to a digital option that resulted in more than 250,000 citizen transactions processed a year and facilitating the collection of over $400 million in revenue.


– Director of Digital Transformation

Large Government Agency in Australia

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