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Avoka Consolidates Fintech Industry Leadership with Inaugural “Finnie” Award

SYDNEY, May 25 – Avoka, the global leader in digital customer acquisition for financial services, has consolidated its position as one of Australia’s fintech industry leaders with the award of an inaugural “Finnie” at a gala function on Wednesday night hosted by FinTech Australia.

The winners of the 29 Finnie awards were chosen by 39 local and international judges from 158 entries. Avoka and the other winners were announced at a ceremony attended by more than 200 guests at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Avoka beat two other highly respected finalists to win in the “Excellence in Establishing Market Presence: Global” category which recognises the fintech company that has most successfully expanded its presence and identity globally. Avoka’s nomination centred on an integrated global marketing strategy that highlights the ability of its cloud-based platform to accelerate delivery of outstanding customer experiences and bring agile account openings, loan applications and account onboarding to market in record time.

Accepting the award, Avoka Chief Executive Phil Copeland said: ”We are thrilled to receive this award and it is a great reflection of the team effort that has gone into advancing our business from a small start-up in Manly back in 2002 – to a business that today has 200 employees, global operations and services some of the largest banks around the world.”

“It is fantastic to be recognised by the fintech community in Australia for this award alongside so many other leading and emerging influencers and innovators, especially as we work to further expand our presence globally,” Mr Copeland said.

“The judges recognised the range of PR activities we have undertaken to create brand awareness as well as the successful leveraging of our existing high profile customer base to build our market profile,” he said.

About Avoka

Avoka accelerates customer-centric digital transformation in financial services, government, and other industries.  Avoka Transact creates seamless omni-channel customer experiences that increase business agility and accelerate customer acquisition. Avoka was founded in 2002 and has digitized over 100 million transactions for 150+ global clients. Avoka is based in Denver, CO, London, England and Sydney, Australia.

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