Onboarding in Commercial Banking: Prioritizing Investments for Reducing Friction

Celent HSBC Award 2018
Celent HSBC Award 2018Commercial customer onboarding continues to be a challenge for many banks. It is common for commercial clients to be frustrated with the amount of paperwork requested, the length of time it takes to use the new account or additional services, and the lack of visibility into the process.


But there is hope. Some banks are prioritizing investments into digital onboarding solutions to solve these issues and create a truly outstanding account opening and onboarding experience.


Watch this webinar to learn how HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, replaced complex, paper-based onboarding and KYC processes across its global commercial banking footprint by partnering with Avoka, a leader in accelerating customer acquisition and time to market.

Featured Speakers

Patricia Hines

Senior Analyst


Patricia Hines, CTP, is a senior analyst with Celent’s Banking practice. Her areas of research include corporate banking and global transaction services with a particular emphasis on treasury and cash management, corporate banking delivery channels, commercial and small business lending, and emerging technologies such as APIs, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Patty has over 20 years of experience in financial services across business, technology, and operations; has been published in a broad range of industry media; and has presented at numerous conferences.


Don Bergal

Chief Marketing Officer


Don Bergal is the Chief Marketing Officer of Avoka, leading Avoka expansion as a fintech leader in banks worldwide since 2015. He has spearheaded the Avoka Digital Sales in Banking research, annually documenting the state of digital banking worldwide, and has conducted numerous banking case studies to identify best-practices in customer acquisition. Prior to Avoka Don has a successful 25-year record of building high growth technology companies. He earned an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a BS in Engineering from The University of Michigan.

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