Australian Government Delivers a Digital Transaction Experience

An Avoka Success Story


Thousands of forms and a 40% error rate, needing a more effective and efficient way for Government to transact with Business

Over 9,000 regulatory and legislative forms used to carry out government transactions were identified in an audit undertaken by the Federal Government. These included Complaint Forms, Industry Grants, Feedback Forms etc. The audit revealed 90% of these were static PDFs, requiring the user to print, complete by hand and then submit, to be processed. This meant they were inherently error prone from both a user and data entry point of view (with a 40% data error rate).

It was clear the user experience needed improvement to increase the efficiency of completing a government transaction (for both constituents and government departments), to reduce complaints and to keep pace with user’s increasing digital expectations.


Moving Federal Government into a digital transaction experience

The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science appointed Avoka to help accelerate the digital transformation of their government/business transactions and rapidly improve the interaction experience across the varied and complex range of transactions.

Avoka’s award-winning cloud-based platform, Avoka Transact was implemented to digitize the existing forms available on the Department website and and improve the user experience – and to do so for a fraction of the time and cost that would otherwise be associated. By using the platform’s design tool, Avoka Transact Maestro, Government personnel could build and host their own sophisticated digital forms
themselves, with little or no coding required and without IT team input.

Avoka’s platform also allowed them to easily integrate third party services, like payment gateways to their forms as well as the transmission and integration of data captured in the forms, to the government agency’s back-end systems.

Given the considerable number of forms, the Department decided to implement a staggered approach to their digital transformation program and agencies were enabled to move at their own pace via upfront training and support offered by Avoka account service teams, which ensured teams were confident using the tool.


Through thousands of submissions Avoka Transact delivers multiple benefits

Since initial implementation in 2013, The Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science have delivered over 4,000 digital forms, enabling a completely digital process and improved transaction experience for both parties across more than 800,000 submissions per year. The digital process has also addressed the error rate issue, with zero errors now received via digital form submissions.

Subsequently, there are reduced processing times and costs for the government which has contributed to a 10 x ROI and meant that more budget funding that can be devoted to front-line services to support businesses. Research by the QLD Building Commission has identified that for every $1 invested by the Government in these online services, $10 in benefit is delivered to the business community in Australia.

For businesses (end-users), the improved experience means they can spend more time on their business and less on red tape – helping to contribute to Australia’s economic development.

The use of Avoka Transact across was highlighted as an example of best practice in the independent Gershon review into Government’s use of ICT.

Customer Success

Engaging Avoka allowed us to transition from paper to a digital option that resulted in more than 250,000 citizen transactions processed a year and facilitating the collection of over $400 million in revenue.


– Director of Digital Transformation

Large Government Agency in Australia

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