Technical Notes

Technical Notes

    Avoka Customer Acquisition Platform Architecure

    In an increasingly on-demand digital world, it is imperative that the customer experience delivers a friction-free and seamless process that doesn’t impede the path to engagement. The challenge of building the entirety of this complex and critical functionality is a daunting task that can consume significant and impactful development cycles and takes away from other efforts around digital transformation and engagement of customers. Utilizing the significant functionality boost offered by the Avoka platform, you can integrate seamlessly into existing systems while delivery new customer engagement options in a fraction of the time of complete “build from scratch” options.

    How Avoka Helps Banks Address FinCEN

    In 2016, FinCEN released a new Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rule with specific rules on Beneficial Owners. U.S. financial institutions were required to comply by May 11, 2018. We have created an outline to help you understand the basic requirements of your organization.

    Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) Support

    Creating a continuous delivery capability to improve time to market, quality and the ability to innovate within the bank is critical to meet the expectations of a consumer-driven market. We’ve built Avoka Transact to become part of your organization’s automated CI pipeline and work seamlessly with the best-in-class of existing CI/CD tools.