2019 State of Digital Sales in Banking

Read the 4th annual Digital Sales in Banking research report for 2019, showing big opportunities and a few trouble spots. Download the report to learn more!

White Papers

    2019 State of Digital Sales in Banking Report

    The 2019 Digital Sales Report evaluates the quality and quantity of digital customer acquisition readiness for 60 of the largest banks in North America, Europe, and Australia. Download the report to review the results, including some key takeaways for banks.

    Conversational Banking

    Conversational Banking is the latest customer-centric digital innovation that the industry needs to take notice of. Banks and other financial institutions need to start thinking about putting in place the necessary processes and technology to consolidate customer satisfaction and advocacy.

    Open Banking Impact on Customer Acquisition

    The Open Data Institute researched this report to help banking executives understand the opportunities Open Banking affords to acquire new customers, simplify the new customer onboarding process, improve KYC, and upgrade anti-money laundering (AML) efforts.