Avoka Transact™ 18.05

This release accelerates customer value through the Avoka Transact platform with advanced features to create outstanding customer journeys that reduce abandonment, accelerate your time to market, and sustain agility.

Customer Journey

Insights User Journeys

Create custom User Journeys to analyze and optimize specific paths in the onboarding process. Filter transactions and utilize new metrics, specific to the journey, such as completion rates, time to reach a milestone, and % of customers reaching a milestone.

Export custom data for deeper analysis, offline reporting, and integration with other data sources.

Analyze application outcomes, instant decisioning, and the approval process to identify bottlenecks.

Maestro Translation Enhancements

We recognize translation is a difficult capability to build. The Transact 18.05 release makes it easier for you through several enhancements to streamline the use and maintenance of translation files.

Card Content Component

Simplify card-based layouts with the new Card Content Component, available in the Maestro palette.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Transact Application Framework

Design Maestro applications with complex business logic, routing, and external service interactions through configuration known as Narratives.

The Narrator, a secure application controller, builds on the power of Transact Functions to govern the application and ensure strict enforcement of the Narrative.

Maestro Shared Domain Model

Use a subset of JSON schema to define the domain model and maintain a consistent data structure across projects.

Create a shared model concept project or organization level. Updates to shared models are applied everywhere the entity model is referenced.

Sustained Agility

Avoka Exchange

View, upgrade, and install pre-built integrations to your environment, directly from Transact Manager.

Manage installed Exchange packages in each TM environment and view those available for upgrade.

Discover and evaluate new integrations to match your business needs using detailed information contained on each package page.

System Event Publisher

Connect existing systems to monitor the flow of events in Transact Manager in near real-time. This capability enables back-office systems to pick up events from a message queue.

Use cases for this feature include feeding data into systems for fraud detection systems and customer help desks, tracking system activity levels, and supporting separate queues for Submission, Jobs, and System Health messages.

Maestro Library Semantic Versioning

Developers can now version Maestro libraries as well as all design assets. They can collaborate on the same application, of important value when developing complex Maestro applications.

Coupled with the Transact SCM tooling, Maestro assets can be kept in sync with other SCM management systems such as GIT.

Additional Features

In addition to the above features, this release also includes enhancements to the SDK and platform security.

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